Grand Rapids yoyo meet ups.


Is there any yo-yoer’s in or near grand rapids michigan

(Chase Baxter) #2

just letting u know, thts already a topic :wink:




There are so few yoyo meet ups in Grand Rapids, MI. I know that there are some yoyos in that area, but we never really seem to communicate with each other.

Is anyone up for setting up/organizing a meet up in the grand rapids area? I really think we could get something going.


Talk to sideshowbob (conner) or Havic (Christian) they are out that way and probably know better than anyone else whats what.


Ouch! So close yet so far! I live in manistee and I never go out there… And I know another guy who live just outside of caddilac… His webname is fate6912

(Kyle V.) #7

Just saying… if you’re having a meet during the school year (on a weekend or something), I could possibly be there. I live in New Jersey, but I’m going to college out in Grand Rapids. Oh, and actually, I have some friends about two hours south of GR, and they /might/ be able to come too, though I wouldn’t count on it.


There will be a yo yo exhibition during art prize! check my forum page for more info!,48584.0.html


im in rockford