Grand Rapids ArtPrize Yoyo GetTogether


The beginning of Artprize in grand rapids michigan there will be a gettogether of yoyoers to preform your own tricks infront of a yoyo sculpure. if you can come please come we will converse and share tricks and trade yoyos and street preform around grand rapids. more informaton will be coming soon thanks you.



I’m in the grand rapids area. Wasn’t sure if I was going to art prize this year, but if theres gonna be a yoyo meet I’m going.

Let me know more about your plans.


great! if you have any friends tell them to come to (if they can throw of course)
but thats great im not sure of a set date but ill get back to everyone once i know


Sadly, I don’t have any yoyo friends in the area. West michigan is sadly lacking in them.


the exhibition is being held Saturday with an unset time witch will be established soon


Haha I was just in GR this past weekend. Too bad I live like 1.5 hrs away.


Totally worth the drive. Art prize is amazing.


sorry about the confusion but my parents are out of town so the yoyo exibition will be postponed till next saturday!