MERMERMERMER it’s coming up…

Who will be there?

Save the date: July 13th!

What is coming?!?!

Mideast Regionals. I’m going.

june…? i though it was july 13 :o

Pretty sure it’s June, but I could be wrong. I’ll check my calendar.

The yoyo expert calendar shows June 23rd.

When is this thing.

Nah, I k ow for sure it’s the 13th because I got my info directly from YoJake (Organizer)


For the freestyles, there is a one minute prelim and a two minute final, correct?

There was last year because lots of people showed up, but if not many show then they might only do finals.

I emailed Jake Maloney last night with a few questions and here is is the exact transcript -

Saturday, July 13 at the Plymouth Cultural Center at 525 Farmer Street in Plymouth, MI
The event begins around 9:30 and lasts until it is done (Hopefully, by 4PM).
We won’t have preliminaries unless an unusually large number of contestants show up. Two minute freestyles are the norm.

Hope to see you in July. The website should be up in June. Keep practicing!

Finally, I got some info on this. I went last year as my first contest to just check things out and had a blast. Now that I know when it is, I’m definitely going. I’ll compete this year. Now I just need to start putting together a freestyle…

im gonna be out there with jacob reping G2 yoyos most likely ;D

Will you be selling them? You should, or at least let people try them.

Got this from Jake as well.

Don’t show up a month early guys :slight_smile:

Not sure if I’ll have a table, you can try mine for sure though

Oops, my bad.

Sorry for any confusion guys, but at least I got the date right :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be there. Missed last year due to getting old and forgetting. :slight_smile:

I can’t help but imagine you walking around putting people who are having similar conversations together in appropriate groups and shutting down vendors for improper signage :slight_smile:

Or going around and magically changing peoples words blue :wink:

That, too! Ha!