New Jersey Contest/Meetup

Hi! Ill be seting up a meet on sunday after the new jersey contest if anyone is interested!

What time and where? July 19 right? Depending on where I might be able to come.

Oh! Sounds awesome! Also turns out I will be going my schedule opened up!!!


yeah I know isn’t it awesome!!! But it’s July 25th!!!

Why is it July 25? Shouldn’t it be July 19?

the NYYL website says the 25th so I’m assuming its the 25th…

But the contest is on the 18th and that is saturday. it said the sunday after the NJ state yoyo contest. Where did you find it on yoyoleague?

its July 18th people… i dont know what you were looking at but the site says the 18th

-.- idk why I’m thinking the 25th then.

So the meet up is the Sunday after the contest so the 19th right?

Hi guys! yes the meet-up will be July 19 as the contest is on July 18! as of what time i don’t know quite yet possibly around 12:00 ish but that’s just an estimate i don’t know quite yet but i will get back to you guys. I am really ecited to meet all of you! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

and another thing ill have a camera and would like to record and post the freestyle acts if anyone is or isn’t ok with that ---- i just thought i would say it b4 hand – ill ask @ the contest as wellso yeah …


Any location yet?

I would guess the music pier on the boardwalk.

ONE WEEK left to register for freestyles folks! ;D

so yeah sorry i didnt get back sooner but its going to be in the same place as the contest on the pier

So I’m guessing the contest will take place outdoors like Cal Sates?