Michigan yoyoers

Is anyone near Grand Rapids?

Connor from yotricks lives out there I think, and there’s a good amount of throwers in the Metro Detroit area that go to the Plymouth yoyo club.

I work in Grand Rapids!

Yeah, most of the Michigan throwers frequent the Downtown Plymouth Club.

Rochester Michigan here. Maybe I’ll hit Plymouth one day.

My buddy lives in Troy and throws, we should meet up!

Vegabomb owns Mr.B’s in Rochester and once he suggested meeting up there if we could find some throwers. Maybe if he is still up to it we can do it one day.

Sure! I’ll go! I drive an hour to go to Plymouth every week so a half hour your way is easy!

Someone needs to start a club over here. And doesn’t jake Elliot live in Grand Rapids

Jake does live around there, and there already is a club there. Ask Jake Elliot about it because all I know is that there is a club there.