Any yoyoers in Michigan?

I live in the Ann Arbor area and was wondering if there are any other Michigan folk out there throwing yoyo’s. :grinning:

You don’t happen to have a green Bonfire do you?

Are you referring to MSU?

No lol. My wifes best friend lives in Ann Arbor now. They went to some music festival a few weeks ago and she took a pic of a guy playing with a yoyo and sent it to my wife saying “Gundersniff isn’t the only one who yoyos in public” or something. I had her ask the guy what he was using and it was a green Bonfire, just thought it may be you.

There’s a yoyo club in Plymouth, MI called Downtown Plymouth Yo-yo club. You can check it out on Facebook.

I wish there was a club in Grand Rapids, MI.

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Oh nice!! Thanks for sharing. I just sent a “join group” on Facebook.

Grand Rapids is a great area. Love it. I currently live in the Ann Arbor area.

Thanks for sharing the info!