Grammar nerds

(Alexander) #1

This is a topic where you can talk with other grammar freaks about their encounters with bad grammar, share any grammar jokes you know, drive others crazy with there bad grammar/spelling/whatever, and talk about grammar in general.

So allow me to go first! I have a pet peeve with bad grammar, punctuation, spelling, or failure to capitalize the word “i”. It might be because I’m homeschooled, but I’ve found that I have some of the bestest grammar ever, so I have a hard time handling anything inferior to my most good grammar. :wink:


You trolling us?

(Alexander) #3

You caught it! That’s the most common mistake I see.


Probably about even with “then” and “than”.

(ChrisFrancz) #5

Most people write in the same manner in which they speak. It’s refreshing when once or twice a week I speak to someone that is able to string together lucid thoughts in a comprehensible manner.

(Alexander) #6

I agree. I also find it hard to not speak in the same manner in which I write.

(Justin ) #7

I must correct anyone who does not use ‘whom’ when necessary!!

(Alexander) #8

Oh man. I have sometimes have trouble with that one. The only two rules I know for that are as follows:
Rule 1: You use “whom” when its the object of a preposition
Rule 2: If you can insert “he” or “they” and the sentence makes sense, then you use the word “who”. If it doesn’t make sense, use “whom”.

For instance, “(Who/Whom) is that for?” You would put: “He is that for?” and “They is that for?” Both don’t make sense so, “Whom is that for?” is correct.
Another example: “(Who/Whom) is coming with me?” Put in “he” and “they” and you get, “He is coming with me” and “They is coming with me” “He” works, so “Who is coming with me?” is correct.

All of those quotation marks are making my head swim. :joy:

(Justin ) #9

What I do is just think of the sentence, replacing ‘who’ or ‘whom’ with the pronoun. If the question is ‘with who/whom are you going?’, you would reply with him/her, so it’s whom. If you reply with he/she, it’s him. Simple!

On another note, I also don’t like it when prepositions are left at the end of sentences. Yikes!

(Alexander) #10

Haha! I just remembered this joke. It’s one of my friend’s favorites:

Two scientists walk into a bar. The first says, “I’ll have H2O.” The second says, “I’ll have H2O too.” The second one died.

(ChrisFrancz) #11

I once did a bad bind and hit myself in my dangling participle.

(ZAC) #12

I honestly find it offensive to be corrected for poor grammar. Being less educated doesn’t make my opinions any less valid.

(Justin ) #13

Agree with the last part. I only correct the grammar of people to whom I’m close as a joke. Bad grammar hardly ever gets in the way clarity.


Clarity is more important to me than grammar. Generally, I view slamming on people for making grammatical/spelling mistakes as one of the lowest forms of internet “gotchas”. It’s just weak. This is particularly true when someone is communicating in something other than their native language. Mocking someone who is speaking a second language for their poor grammar/spelling is complete lamesauce, particularly when those doing the mocking can only speak one language.

I’d much rather have someone say something interesting in broken English or txt speak than write a whole lot of stupid nothing in perfect King’s English.

({John15}) #15

To and too

(Alexander) #16

I understand the cases where you may be speaking in a second language. But it seems careless when people use bad grammar.

({John15}) #17

And also when people don’t use proper capitalization and punctuation


Some of my peeves:

Overuse of the word “literally.”

At “this point in time.” - What else is it, space?

A lack of understanding how to use the words irony or ironic.

“Technically” this or that.

(Alexander) #19

My dad gets annoyed when people say “honestly” or “in my honest opinion” because it implies that they aren’t telling the truth any other time.

(ChrisFrancz) #20

I never correct anyone. We’re just joking around. Grammar - correct or incorrect is not an accurate way to determine intelligience. I make enough mistakes myself. I hope no one goes all necro on me and digs through my posts.