Grammar Troubles

What do you have trouble with when it comes to proper spelling/sentencing/wording…

My only troubles are spelling words with ‘i’ and ‘e’ like freinds and wierd SEE!!!

Me no speekadee english

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Spelling words for the first time… Okay maybe the second,third, and twentieth time.


I before E except after C Duh…lol

Most people have punctuation problems or should I say lack of punctuation.

,I, L,i,k,e, c,o,m,m,a,s,

Sorry I meant coma’s


I often don’t understand when to use “;” that thing ; like ; when ; do you use ; that.

You use it when you want to connect closely related ideas in one sentence. Come on Josh be legit

I have three great buddies: Josh Yee, who is a great yoyoer; Sylvester Stallone, who often yells at stumps; and Peanut Butter Sandwich (though he isn’t much of a friend; he is a sandwich.).

_* _

Edited to intertwine more examples of it in list structure and basic sentence form.