Gradient went ape w/ Code 1 SE

Well sadly, Expected Delivery Day: Thursday, January 22, 2015 - does not mean today after all. Mail man came by empty handed in packages. I guess they are going to hopefully deliver my Benchmark W and Code 1 yoyos tomorrow. I guess for my side effects, I am going to tell YYE to give me a random one and surprise me with one of the any side-effects they have. I missed out on the Mystery Box that was going on earlier so this is going to be my Mystery Box.

Got a reply back. They are sending me a unknown side effects as asked and sending me a envelope with postage paid. So all I have to do is put the defective side effects in the envelope and pop it in the mailbox. Boom, no problems. YYE is the best!

Ok, I just received my Code 1 yoyo and Benchmark W yoyo in the mail today, both extra free side effects are surprisingly Code 1 style. I just installed the new Code 1 side effects to my Gradient and it PLAYS SMOOTHLY! I am very happy that it ended up not being the yoyo. It is for sure the original Code 1 side effects that came free when I bought my Gradient, it is for sure defective. I am still waiting for my new side effects replacement and wonder what it will be.

At first I thought the yoyo would eventually come out as the one being faulty. I don’t get how a side effect can be made defective. Sure it’s probably more complex than I think. However a yoyo is more complicated in the making. I would imagine the yoyo itself to first be faulty over a side effect.

AGAIN, WHEW, it is the side effects problem and not the yoyo. So happy! Again, can’t wait for the replacement side effects to come.

Glad you got it all resolved. Side Effects are actually really complicated parts to make with the highest tolerances so it’s possible to have defective ones although it doesn’t happen very often.

Thanks mate. Actually I found out yesterday that it’s neither the yoyo or side effect. It’s that the brass Code 1 side effects is too heavy for the Gradient to handle. I tried putting on the brass code 1 side effect onto my new Code 1 yoyo and it plays smooth and spins longer than ever. There are two types of side effects, brass and other colors. The brass tends to be heavier than the red, blue, copper, etc. I posted the same found abouts here,,81359.msg915247.html#msg915247

EDIT: Well I was looking at the yoyo specs and it appears that the Code 1 weighs less than the Gradient by 2 grams. I don’t know what is going on, but the brass Code 1 side effects appear to be incompatible with the Gradient.

^^ I knew I was right about the weight causing the vibe on the Gradient :smiley:

My brass spikes do NOT work in the Gradient either. It went ape. :wink:

I didn’t really try tuning it, though. As mentioned by another poster, you can pop out one of the SE’s, rotate it a bit, pop it back in. Do this in small increments until you hit the “sweet spot”. My gradient went from “kinda vibey” to “incredibly smooth” with this technique. More than any other SE yoyo that I’ve tried, the Gradient responds well to this kind of tuning.

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Aluminium code 1 side effects feel really good on the gradient. Nice heft with no added vibe.

We try to make Side Effects a 100% compatible system, but it’s probably not going to be possible in every case. The Gradient is a design that pushes the envelope on weight distribution and is sensitive to change. We did some testing and found the same result - brass just adds too much weight.