Gradient went ape w/ Code 1 SE

So today my Gradient came in the mail. It came with a free set of Code1 side effects. The Gradient felt too light for my hands, when I felt the weight of the Code1 side effects, it was much heavier.

So I tried swapping the Gradient ones out with the Code1 side effects at the same time swapping out the 10-ball bearing with Konkave Ceramic bearings. Right when I threw the yoyo, it went ape. It vibrated and shook violently. I quickly swapped out the bearings back to the 10-ball because I thought that was the problem. The problem then still persists with another throw! So I quickly realized that it had to be the Code1 side effects. I swapped back to the Gradient’s original side effects whilst placing back on the Konkave Ceramic. Problem went away.

Anybody have this problem with their Gradient and Code1 side effects, or any other side effects?

not saying that your dumb but did you make sure the side effects were nice and snug.

I thought it was tight, but now you made me think twice. I feel a bit dumb now, so brb… :wink:

EDIT: Ok, it was righty tighty. However the problem still persists. I decided to lube the sides of where the side effects go by a cotton swab stick and one drop of thin lube. The problem still remains. Looks like a weight distribution problem if anything you ask me.

I will stick with the Spikes (Gradients original side effects) from now on until I find the problem. At least my free brass colored Code1 side effects arent completely useless as I have a Code1 yoyo coming in this week.

Gradient’s have a heck of a lot of rim weight, which causes some natural pulse out of the box. Are the side effects you added the Argonaut edition disc ones? If so, the wobble is definitely understandable.

EDIT: you said Code1 side effects. Yeah those add more weight and could give it vibe.

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Not sure what you mean Argonaut edition disc ones, but they look like this (taken off YYE’s OD SE section of the shop),

That’s a bummer, I wish my Gradient was around the weight of my Shutter. I find that I can do tricks longer with the Shutter than my Gradient. When I do the matrix with my gradient, the spin dies at the third time while my Shutter just keeps going, allowing me to add eli hops to the round.

the gradient should have a longer spin time then that try swapping the bearings of your gradient and shutter.

More likely a defect with the side effects. I don’t see how more center weight could cause vibe in a yoyo that is rim heavy.

Yeah, I suspect there is a defect in the Code 1 Side Effects. Adding a light vibe is one thing but this sounds like a pulsating wobble

Sorry you’re having trouble with your side effects. I just threw a set of Code 1 Side Effects into a Gradient and it played smooth so they should work.

Try putting the Code1 Side Effects in one more time - Once you think the yo-yo is tightened all the way give it another hard twist or two, you don’t need to worry about stripping a Side Effect yo-yo and they tend to play smoother when they’re tight. I would also avoid putting lube on the Side Effects in the future - It will prevent them from gripping/tightening as well as they should.

If that doesn’t work it could be an issue with the side effects. Do you have any other SE compatible yo-yos you can test them in to see if they are the problem? If not just give us a call or send an email and we can swap them out for you no problem!

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Thanks Garrett. I do. I just recently ordered a Code 1 and a Benchmark W yoyo from YYE Store and it should be coming in TOMORROW! So I will test it out on the Benchmark W and Code 1 when they arrive. I will also try your trick right now on tightening the yoyo more.

Tightening it as tight as it can get does not work. Here is a video I just recorded, showing it vibrating vigorously. You can tell by video that when it starts out, it’s smooth. As seconds go by, it vibrates more and more violently. Sorry for the ticking sound, something’s wrong with my camera!

Also Thanks a bunch for the tightening trick. I just placed the original spike side effects back onto the Gradient and it spins a lot longer now.

EDIT: I forgot to add that I spent 178 on my Code1 and Benchmark W, so I will also be receiving 2 more free side-effects on top of the ones that are already on the yoyos. It’s in the mail truck and on the way tomorrow. I will test out different side effects once they arrive.

The only time i have seen a yoyo vibe like that was when i put sticky tack on one side… I think you have some dud side effects.

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Yeah, if it’s vibrating that bad then it’s probably just a defective set of side effects. Send us an email or call and we can work out the exchange for you.

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Thanks a bunch guys. I just sent a email out.

LOL it looked like a rolling jackhammer in the video.

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Well I got an email back, not only do YoyoExpert offer to exchange, they also asked if I wanted the same type and color! That is awesome! (Time to tune into the Lego Movie theme song, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!)

Well, I am probably going to hold replying until tomorrow because one reason, to test other side effects that will come in the mail tomorrow that comes free with my Code 1 yoyo and Benchmark W yoyo to make sure it is the brass code1 side effects that is problematic.

Then reason number two, I get to see what two additional free side effects come with my Code 1 and Benchmark W so I can choose sparingly. :wink:

I am very certain that it is the side effects because my Gradient runs smooth and plays excellent with the stock spike side effects and 10-ball bearing. Only tomorrow can show what’s truly wrong.

one drops will always play smoother with the 10 ball also. i bought a gold bearing and brass ultralights for my mmc (gold on gold on gold) but ill switch to the alum mm side effects and the stock bearing if i feel like playing a 150% smooth setup. OD 10 balls are easily top 5 best bearings on the market.

Have you tried tuning the side effects? Also what happens when you try to smooth it out with your finger?

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I’m not so sure about this, I think its 100% preference. I like my MMC better with a KK bearing in it than the flat bearing it comes with. Doesn’t affect smoothness as in vibe of the yoyo at all, just gives me the benefits that I enjoy from a Konkave bearing.