a quick rant about the code 2

dont get me wrong, i love the code 2! its one of my favorite plays. but it does have a few flaws that have been bothering me. i suppose everything has flaws :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways, the bearing doesnt stay on the seat very well. when i take the halves apart the bearing falls off the seat and wont even sit in there. im fine with loose bearing seats but its obnoxious that the bearing drops every time i open up the code 2. it makes the most obnoxious sound out of every yo yo ive ever played which makes it a bit unpleasant to play with some times. and my final gripe is that (on mine atleast) the side effects are loose and they push out sometimes, making you have to push them back in to tighten the axle or else it wont screw shut.

so ive been playing with my code 2 and like i said i love it, i just wanted to get this out there because i was starting to get frustrated :stuck_out_tongue:

Yah I’ve noticed them as well. The vibe is also not my favorite but I do love it.

The bearing thing is by design (as far as I know) and it’s due to the side effects

I haven’t had either of these problems, but you may try just a little vaseline on the SE orings to help it seat. As for the vibrations, tighten it much harder then you would with other yoyos because the orings will compress before the threads are completely together so it takes a bit more muscle. My One Drop yoyos have never had vibe of any kind nor do I believe that it is possible. I mean I do, but still, very smooth across the board.

I wish mine grinded better. My Dietz blows it out of the water grind wise.

Maybe you’re holding it upside down.

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You’re supposed to use VM4 lube, not vaseline.

My Code2 is smooth as glass!

Mine is crazy smooth as well as long as I tighten it snugly

I’ve never heard of lubing the o-rings before.
I would think putting any petroleum produce on them would break them down over a long period of time.

I’d check with od and see if they recommend against that before trying it.

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Hey thanks for the tip. I tightened it way past I normally would and I can’t feel the vibe anymore. Thanks a bunch!

Check this out:

Hope this clears things up. Brett, you rock!

The only one of these things I’ve noticed is the bearing sitting loose, but I actually like that. I switch yoyos a lot when I’m playing and I like being able to switch my kk’s around quickly without having to use pliers every time.

But, mine doesn’t make any noise, it’s super smooth, and the side effects are fine.

Wow, I have none of these problems. I suppose the bearing is loose on the seat, but I like that and I don’t unscrew my yoyo all the time. I use a safety pin to pick out the knot.

Anyone having some of these issues, I would highly suggest following the steps in the video posted. It’s even easier to do than it looks in the video.

I also highly suggest picking up some v4m lube. Really impressive stuff. Beats my old favorite yoyojam thin lube hands down.

The bearing is loose on the seat by design. They machine them so they are an EXACT fit. The bearing seat is where alot of the smoothness comes from on any yoyo, and if they aren’t machined to the most precise specifications (we’re talking measurements thousandth of an inch territory give or take), then it will vibe. Some companies don’t nail that as well, that’s why you have insanely tight bearing seats. I won’t mention any names, (cough cough* YYF.), I have seen some that even have a very very slight taper to them. Creating that impossibly tight bearing seat, and not so smooth yoyo.
One drop machines them so they fit perfectly. I’ve never had vibe issues w/ any of my side effects yoyos. They are always perfectly smooth.

Like it has been said before; you need to tighten it down very tight. You can also use that as a way of tuning, just like you would adjust the axle on any other yoyo. Screw it down tight, then if it’s not perfectly smooth, tighten it a tiny bit more, or less. Keep doing that until you find that butter zone. Works like a charm.
Last thing, when your unscrewing your side effects yoyos, take care to pay attention to which side the axle is on, once you back it out far enough you can see which side it is on, then you just turn the yoyo so that is facing up, and the bearing is sitting on it, then unscrew it the rest of the way and the bearing will be sitting on the seat around the axle.
Good luck!

I’m surprised Mr. fjh hasn’t weighed in. He knows more about bearings than anyone alive. Maybe.
However, being he is so willing to share his knowledge, I’ll post what he’s told me.

The seat when properly cut is down to an exact specification where the bearing will seat without any actual movement between the bearing and seat, but will also not be stuck in the seat.

Shawn at od showed me the micrometer they use to measure tolerance, which was something insane like 20,000th of the thickness of a hair. I learned so much on my trip down there.

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Yes, me as well. I learned a lot about that particular area of yoyo science last time I went to OD. I also saw the micrometer readings.