Holy Moley? What did I do?

I just got my code 2 and it was so nice and quiet until I did one revolution of revolutions and the the bearing is squealing like a pig and theres a vibe on the throw. Does anyone know what happened or have any suggestions on how to fix the problem? ???

Code 2’s come with OD 10 ball bearing, correct?

Normally when you buy a yo-yo you have to break the bearing in. Many people say that OD ten balls make an extra loud noise.

Just play the yo-yo more, it is breaking in.

Have fun with your Code 2!

The bearing is breaking in. Keep playing!

Lol this happens to me too, its super quiet but then it starts making a super loud hisssing noise, its not gona go away forever but it goes away after playing it for awhile then comes back.

It sounds like something got into it and/or that it needs some lube.


It needs to break in.

End of story.

Thank you all, I was confused because I’ve only bought two brand new yoyos and I don’t remember the very loud squeal, I guess I have an excuse to throw more now ;D

sounds like to me you got some debris in the bearin’.

i’ve never played a 10 ball bearin’ - but i think that a bearin’, is a bearin’, is a bearin’…

if you can get to that.

perhaps blow the bearin’ out w/ some canned air. i personally don’t like to go to solvents immediately. but if needed, clean it.