Just bought a code2, can I get some quick help?

First few throws dead smooth, but then I opened it to put in a different bearing and when I put it back it had a small vibe. I read somewhere that you have to over tighten these a bit? True? Dangerous?

Also, the reason I switched the ball bearing is b.c about 3 throws in the bearing got SUPER loud and really responsive. Considering I just got it today do you think it’s worth contacting them about it or am I just stuck with the 1/1000 faulty bearing?

Thanks a million guys!!!

Oh! One more thing, anyone know what string comes stock? I like it a lot lol.

Well, most bearings aren’t perfect and most yoyos after a few throws have a tiny bit if vibe.

Just clean the bearing and run it dry or lube it with a tiny amount.

I wouldn’t worry about little vibe unless it get super horrible.

10 balls do that. I suggest just playing it for a few about ten minutes.

Cool cool, so ill just clean out the bearing and go from there

Any tips on the tightening? String?

Don’t know about the string. “overtighten”? No, don’t do that. The parts in a Code 2 are all metal (steel bearings and axle, aluminum yoyo). There’s no “flex” to be gained from overtightening. Tighten it exactly the amount you need to get to (nice and firm) but no more. No “over” tightening… the steel axle is stronger than the aluminum threads and will always win that battle. Luckily the axle system is side effects so if you strip them you can replace them easily enough… but still… no point doing that!

The OD 10Ball that came in my code 2 did the same thing. I cleaned it and put it in my YYJ classic. I put a Trifecta in my Code 2 and I must say it suits it perfectly. Side effect throws do need to be tightened more than normal throws. “Over Tighten” is a scary term, but they play better when tightened firmly.

Cleaned it and it works great now!

I read the same tightening in the high speed review. In kinda scared but love the security of being able to change it out

The Side Effect system is actually quite strong. I tighten mine very firmly with no problems. I have taken it apart 100 times at least.

So I guess the question is : does that little extra help the stability?

You do want to tighten side effect yoyos pretty hard. If that ever doesn’t eliminate vibe, then you take one of the side effects our and rotate it 180 degrees. If that doesn’t work, keep rotating the SEs until you find a spot where the two yoyo halves line up so that the yoyo is smooth. If your CODE2 started out smooth, though, then the solution is to just tighten it. Check out this video beginning at 5:50.

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This.  All my OD’s are DEAD smooth using this method.

Extremely noticeable difference after this! Big thanks!

Yes!! That is in my opinion the BEST thing about a SE equipt yoyo is that you can tighten them VERY tight and they purrrr like a kitten… Just genious… Great pick up on the C2 it is in my opinion the cats pajamas!!

One thing about the 10 Ball… They need time to break in… They come quiet and smooth then start to scream… This is normal… Let it happen and keep playing… Give it a little thin lube (One Drop V4M works great) and then they work like a charm… I have my original 10 Ball in all my One Drops and they are smooth and quiet as they day I got them…

Also, fully tighten the yoyo, then give it an extra turn. Only do this on SE yoyos.

It must be semantics. I tighten mine fully and firmly. There ain’t no “extra” left in it. To me, "over"tightening means that you’re in thread-stripping territory. If it turns even a millimeter more than its maximum (ie. “over”) you’ve gone too far.

But again, just semantics. My “tighten it firmly” must equal another person’s “overtighten” it.

Yeah I get what your saying :P. but really, the amount you have to tighten this yoyo scared the crap out of me the first two times I did it haha. I’d never turn my dark magic like that.

I LOVE this code2. My favorite part is how amazingly it can just sit in my hand and then when I bind it still RIPS back up! And it just makings everything super smooth, i almost feel like its going tricks for me haha

I know! I was having similar thoughts last night. I felt like it was running out of spin, so I did my bind, and “smack!” I think I’ve been underestimating its spin time because of how smooth and quiet it is.

Jrod actually designed the yoyo to do tricks for you… It is in the mojo!!! Yes!! He is that good!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Right Jason???

Why yes. It’s also been known to grant wishes and can also be used as a flotation device in case of ocean-related emergencies. :smiley:

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Your now Mr. Nautilus. Aka. Code 2