Code 2 Side Effects Help

I got a Code 2 recently and a problem appeared. Being new to Side Effects, I’m not sure what I should do or if I just got a defective yo-yo. The problem is when I screw the yo together, the halves never stop turning. From what I can tell, the Side Effects don’t move while the halves just continue turning. It seems there’s not enough friction or the side effects aren’t tight enough to prevent the halves from moving. Any solutions to this?

PS. I’ll be away from my yo-yos for a while and so I won’t be checking this thread for a while. Any replies will be most appreciated!

Bummer. I’ve heard of this happening on another occasion. You just need a new set of side effects. Shoot One Drop a message and they’ll take care of this:

I bought a separate set of Side Effects to experiment with and the problem occurs with that too. Either way I’ll be emailing OneDrop soon. Thanks.

Update: Good news guys! The problem seemed to have eradicated itself. I took out the Side Effects and put it back into the half and I can now somehow screw the yo-yo back as per normal. I don’t know what I did differently this time when I took out and put back the Side Effects but it now works as intended. However, now I’m kind of afraid to try out the other pair of Side Effects that I bought but I’ll do it eventually. I’m enjoying it with the stock Side Effects for now.

It might have just been the side effect not seated all the way. I would try the other so if it’s not that you can talk with onedrop and get it fixed.

Probably didn’t push them in all the way

That’s what it sounds like. And that should have been the first advice you received - take them out and reinstall them. Hope that solved the problem!

I assure you all that I did push it all the way in. I can also confirm that I’ve taken it out and put it back in about 3 times for each pair of Side Effects and had the same problem each time. If the problem comes back I’ll let you all know.

I had the same problem i tried dang side effects but it did not fix the problem,maybe i have to out code 1 side effects.

I have the same issue but I think it’s because the side effect threads go longer than the yoyo halfs. That’s just my theory though.

Lightly pulling the halves apart as you screw them together might help. Also make sure your bearing is properly seated. If it ain’t, you’d be screwing those bad boys all day long.

There are a few different things that can cause that symptom.  The first is if you assemble it while holding the yoyo vertically and the bearing is not totally seated.  It’s best to assemble while holding one half horizontal with the bearing on it using gravity to keep the bearing seated nicely.  Here is a video on it:

Another common cause is if you switch to a bearing that happens to have a smaller inner diameter due to different tolerances.  Try putting the 10Ball back in there and see if this helps.  This is rare, but it can happen.

If you have any issues send us an email: