CODE2 when uncrewing two halves

so i received the Wasteland CODE2 yesterday. It was amazing, it does so much better than what i’ve expected, i love it. When i unscrewed two halves of the yoyo i heard a crack sound. I checked the Side Effect and the axle and they are still fine. i screwed them together and played but nothing happened, it’s still dead smooth. Where did that crack sound come from?

It might come from the orings, I don’t have a side effect yoyo, so don’t take my word for it.

Probably the side effect loosening in place. It wouldn’t bu forced into its spot anymore so the o-rings would probably stretch back out.

So is it okay or i’ll have to take the SE out and put back?

It should be ok. Couldn’t hurt though.

I had that happen on my code 2. Its just the o rings rotating. There rubber so they dont usually move but if they have been in a while without being taken out its like they grip really well and you just ungripped them for a sec and they found a new spot to grip. Nothing more. Its fine. But good that you inspected it before you threw again just in case. If you unscrew it again and grab the inside and turn the side effect you will hear it again. Its a snug fit.