grade 7050 alloy metal to 6061 alloy metal???

so ive noticed that like the primo, severe superstar and supernova are all 7050 alloy aluminium so does this mean the metal is stronger like less resistant to ding or what. and is 7050 like that much of a play differance with 6061 in the supernova lite.

The 7050 alloy is a higher grade aluminum, therefor, it is stronger and more ding-resistant. However, unless you plan on severely dinging your yoyos, I don’t think it would matter what material your throw is made out of. I’ve played with 6061 and 7050 and I’d be hard pressed to find a difference in play.

7050? 7075. Aluminum. Difference.

Neither material is more resistant to “dings”.

The Severe 2010 (7075) was an improvement over the 2009 version (6061) because the harder metal would not flex as much when it was dropped. This meant that it would wiggle less after being dropped repeatedly. That among other changes, caused the two yo-yos to play differently.

Just differently.

One is not necessarily better than the other, and some people will like one model better than the other.