Grabbing the suicide instead of catching the suicide.

Eric is an amazing player. He throws a lot of suicides into fast combos. Frequently he grabs the loop from outside and I’m not sure if it’s cause the loop didn’t form, or if he’s legitimizing the trick of grabbing. Thoughts?

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Well, grabbing the loop is a whole lot easier than actually catching it on your finger. So it could be that.

I am not certain, but am pretty sure its all about points. You gain points (Positive clicks) for landing things and lose them for missing things (Negative clicks). When the suicide is going that fast it is really hard to land on your finger, and he doesn’t want to lose points.

I am no judge but am pretty sure this is the reason.

I can’t stand it when people grab the loop and call it a suicide. It looks all sloppy and weird.

Maybe name the trick ‘all sloppy and weird’
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Doesn’t look like he had any plan to catch them on his finger, everyone does their own thing, I wouldn’t be suprised if he wasn’t trying a suicide, but just doing a transfer simular to a suicide.

In that freestyle, the way he grabbed it seemed to make it a lot easier and smoother to move into the next bit. And it’s easier to hit in general. Seems like a win-win to me!

You get 1 click from doing a regular suicide. You get 1 click (the same amount) if you catch it. Catching it is a lot less risky. Unless it looks like you catched the suicide at a failed attemt to put the finger in the loop and it looks like you stumbled, you get a point as opposed to a negative click. Catching it is easier, and less risky. I appriciate it more when players do a proper suicide, but Eric is so good, and does so many slack tricks. I would rather do a grab suicicde instead of a proper suicide just due to the level of risk. And BAC is outdoors in the wind. So, yeah. And with that being said, I must say, I really enjoyed this preformance. I don’t know how him and Zach can do their crazy slack tricks in the wind without messing up constantly. Mad props.

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