Got my Hattrick

I just thort that I would tell you all that I recieved the last General Yo hattrick yesterday, its such a great throw I love it I cant choose which yoyo to be my main throw atm its bertween my Primo or the Hattrick.
Btw what type of strings did you guys get when you got yours?
I got a yellow poly highlight and a red/blue nylon poly blend, well im not 100% on the blend but im pretty sure it is.

Yep it is a blend, my own personal.

Theres still hatricks instock but not here.

Got mine yesterday as well. Phenomenal yo-yo. I got a Red/Black Hatrick so I got a red/black string.

Dude- your strings are amazing! Expect me to shoot you a PM soon (when I get the money).

Yah his strings are amazing. I to will be shooting a PM soon. I have a Blue and Silver Hatrick. BTW all its Hatrick not Hattrick.

do you care to share your blend or is it a secret recipe? and would you send a bulk batch to aust if I asked?

I have shared it in the past and then people copied it to sell, I would rather not(Before the flames start I didn’t point out any one). I have changed the method and type of material from my original blend I think it is superior to what I use to produce. If you want a large amount shoot me a pm and we can work things out.