All set for yoyoing!

I ordered myself the Avalanche with the hat, a multitool, thin lube, and some fat and normal 10 pack of kitty string. I currently have a ONE, dv888, protostar and a popstar. I think I’m all set!

You are! You’ll love the Avalanche! I actually just set it down to type this! haha

It’s suppperrr good. What colorway did you get?

Yes, you are set, but you might need more string.

I have 40 more strings than the kitty string.

I have like 400 strings that I never buy I get them in trades

Sweet man! Have fun! You’re gonna need more string! A kitty on my protostar lasts 3 days tops.
Lol I’ve been throwing for 3 years and I’ve only owned one clyw. The worst one. Yet i love them so much. Weird.

Have fun!

Heck yea you are! The Avalanche is fantastic!! I don’t know how different the new one is but if it’s anything like mine you’re in for a phenomenal throw. Definitely in my top 5 if not my absolute favorite 1a and 5a yo yo.