general yo hatrick

its a family tradition for the “easter bunny” to leave a gift you really want in the front yard
i asked for the hatrick. woke up got it and played…OMG this yoyo is an underzised monster!
:o :o :o :o
first look: very familiar but the anno looked very different. matte finish if im correct.
first throw:one of my smoothest yoyos so far! reminds my of my dna and my cut but undersized
Guts: cbearing with a stock slick6 yellow string but it came with a weird rough blue with red highlight string
it intrigued me i tried it and wow its the best string ive used so far! im gonna order some more
grinds:very good grind times
play: i repeat…SMOOTH class yoyo. and for some reason my suicide and 1.5 suicide is a lot easier to pull off as well as my whips
overall: 9-10 (because i dont like the ano that much but definetely one of my faves)
i suggest getting one before they run out of stock again!!

pics coming out tommorow got to find camera ;D

PS (where exactly do you find that string ??? ??? ??? ???and whats it called ??? ??? ???)

I believe its Sick String by James Reed.

Here is the post with the info:

I think I’ll try some out too!

If it is a regular Hatrick and not an USA version it is my string, if it is a USA Hatrick it has mine and James string the difference between the strings are mine are wound tight and James are wound looser. We make string in different ways. My string is called PFStrings if you are looking for more let me know.

thx ill pm ya later

its the one they sold at yye

Then yes, it is JeromyK’s PFString. They are wonderful strings. :slight_smile:

Yep the string is mine

Whoops. Sorry. :-\