Just Bought My Hatrick!

so, how does it play? Was it worth the money?

Hey I jsut got mine yesterday for my bday. I was so nervous that I wouldn’t like it like my 888x and let me tell you. It was amazing. Theres nothing wrong with it. Its amazingness! Whenever it reaches the end of the string, you cant even feel it. Its weight distribution is outstanding. Don’t even be nervous. Don’t get scared. You paid your money well into an awesome you IMHO. Enjoy throwing it!

the hatrick plays great, grinds like a beast on skates, the only thing that I can find that is a bit annoying for me anyway is the the binds get a bit snaggy but i think that it just takes a while to break in the response.

I really wish I bought one when I had the money but then I bought a drill, thread, and other crap, and before I knew it, i was down $50

WAIT WAIT WAIT…you bought a hatrick and just NOW you’re asking is it worth it?

I still haven’t found a yoyo I like better. It is everything everyone has stated above. Its just so Smooth and Floaty and Fast!