got my DM

I finally got my DM the other day and let me tell you, I love it. Sleeps forever! I had to buy the white one because that was all that was available. The only problem with it is when I pulled the covers off the other day, now one side will not stay in very well. I am thinking about getting the spinning side covers to replace them. Any suggestions? Thanks, Bobby

i heard that they make the yoyo wobble…but i dont know how it will react in a dm. that is one reason i got a pgm with hubstacks! and they dont make it wobble. But i have heard very good things about the dm. and some people (including andre) play with only one in! so i dont think its much of a problem

Thanks man, I do only have one in right now and it looks pretty cool I guess. I don’t have fingernails long enough to do the thumb grinds though.

oh, and i think the caps can effect the weight. with my speeder, it is much lighter with them out than with them in. but just try to get your thumb pointed up a lot…and i read somewhere that (it mightve been the speeder or legacy), but one cap in helps with flops, but idk…

you don’t have to have long fingernails, you just have to practice practice, and practice for that trick.

I practicwe all of the time. I hit myself in the eye the other day. OUCH. My favorite trick right now is the matrix but I have a problem doing thie whole thing. Still, pretty sweet trick.

if you are having trouble getting into the double or nothing from the start, i did too! just start with the trapese, pop it off, and swing into the double or nothing! then it will come much smoother after much practice

No, actually, I can do the trick really well. I can do the whole trick without even looking at the yo or the string. The part that I just skip is when after you drop the trow hand string and loop the yo yo back around, Andre loops it again and that is the part that I can not get. My DM binds on me when I do this part. So I just do the other parts about 10 or 12 times and just skip that part all together.

Don’t worry about the caps. Most people take them off anyways. I used to have them on, until I started doing thumb grinds, and just left them out because I didn’t want to keep taking them off for one trick. So just take them off, try it for a week, and soon, it’ll feel strange if it’s not on you.

Spinning caps are fun, but they WILL affect sleep time, and might make the yoyo wobble. But they are fuN! If you are playing for the fun of it, just get them if you’re willing to pay. If not, you’re not missing out on anything! They will get boring after like an hour though.