Got my dm2 in the mail today! After switching the bearing, new string, and some lubing, it is incredible… it’s like butter! AMAZING yoyo! I already have done tricks I couldn’t do before… So happy! Also got a fiesta and its really great for offstring whips!!


yeah it is great but mine about after a week the string was shaking and it isn’t nearly as smooth . i dont get it i have a good trow and i dont know whats wrong with it ??? ??? ??? :’( :’( :’(


i don’t know and hope i don’t know. Mine rocks. i’ve been playing with it like all night. I can’t decide between caps in or out. The caps REALLY complete it but i can’t thumb grind worth beans with them in.I don’t mind the hollow noise it makes anymore but im confused. :-\

(yoyo jake) #4


1 cap on 1 cap off


the shakity thing is just like on and off. last night it did it, then this morning it was fine. but i think its okay now. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

as for the caps like yoyo jake said i1 in 1 out :wink: