Getting the DM


New to the yo-religion! Wanted some tips for a Dark Magic out of the box to improve into the realm of string trick amazement. Will it return on its own or should I learn the binds?

(SR) #2

Welcome to the Forums! You will love your DM, you can set it to responsive, or unresonsive what ever you prefer. I do suggest learning the binds though, good practice.


Learn to bind, chances are it will be unresponsive out of the box.

(Mitch) #4

I’d say learn to bind…

Mine used to be able to be switched by adjusting the gap but I think letting it sit for over a month changed that… Its unresponsive no matter the gap size…

Its a great throw… Im sure you’ll love it.


Good chance it will be unresponsive, and a better chance it will become unresponsive over time.

Definitely learn to bind, and don’t give up if you don’t quite get it at first! It takes practice to get the feel right when you’re beginning.


Well I got the DM today! Yeah! ;D I see that i am not skilled. After being able to do trapeze, brain twister, stop n’ go, and double or nothing on a Duncan Dragonfly, I can’t throw straight to save my life.
Practice, practice, practice…

(Mitch) #7

Work it! Practice makes perfect!

I suggest listening to these songs while practicing.

  1. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

  2. The Final Countdown by Europe

  3. Your the Best by Joe Esposito

  4. Dont Stop Believing by Journey

These might help at well…

Good luck!