Got my Code1

I just got my Code1 in the mail about 3 minutes ago and I have to say, I think I have a new favorite throw. Upon having it return to my hand for the first time, I noticed that the angle on the rims does indeed lessen the impact to your hand. It plays on the string nicely (at least for the tricks I can do), and binding it is easy for me (I usually take a couple tries to bind). One thing I really like about the Code1 is the weight. In my opinion, giving the Code1 a base weight of 60 grams and having its Side Effects weigh in at 4 grams was a good choice. It isn’t too heavy, and it isn’t too light. I can’t wait to see what the Code2 looks and plays like! (If/when One Drop decides to do this again, that is)

If anyone from the YYN forums reads this, I want to thank you and the others who voted on the specs for this throw for doing an amazing job designing the Code1.