Dang - super quick review and a word on other large n light throws

Real quick… because if anyone’s interested maybe I can do a longer review and comparison between the large sized and light throws I really like (maybe compare the Dang, Code 1, Sleipnir, Overdrive, Starlite…)… So on to a quick Dang review…

I’d been wanting a One Drop Dang for a long time and finally traded for one recently. The specs always enticed me because the Code 1 with ultralights is a heck of a lot of fun to throw and I found my “sweet spot” ideal of yoyos that I prefer: larger than 54 mm diameter and relatively light weights in the mid-60 grams. So the Dang would fit that perfectly. It combines a classic high-walled rounded shape (a la the Project) with the chunky rims of h-shapes (a la Code 1, Genesis, etc).

The result is a yoyo that responds very well to small hop moves due to its light weight and large surface area. The Dang is very nimble but has a substantial feel in the hand due to both its size and chunky shape. The play is very satisfying and the only real shortcomings I found are due to a gap that is a bit larger than my preference. There is always a compromise between gap width and the number of string wraps that a yoyo will take so there is never the “perfect” width that gives max comfort but also max string layering. Also, since the Dang has a more balanced weighting, even despite the chunky rims, at the end of its spintime it is more susceptible to tilting than a yoyo with lower walls and heavier rim weight. In the end, you can’t have everything and the Dang design is really well done for what it is. I love it and it is an ideal complement to the other large sized and light weighted throws I already have.