Adam Spencer's CODE 2 Entry!


I thought it would be cool to post this here as well as in the One Drop forum to get more opinions. Feel free to also join the fun by looking at other peoples entrys at One Drop. Here we go:

My idea for this yoyo came about at the beginning of last year as a project for my CAD class in high school. After working on it for a while tweaking things here and there I tried to get a local machine shop to assist with the production of a prototype but the operation fell short somewhere along the line.
Now here I am 6 months later with the idea again presenting it as an entry to the CODE two project!
Yea idea is to create and undersized throw that is comfortable to the hand and does not have a radical h shape. At the same time I would like it to keep a strong focus on stability with the outer rims act as a strong weight point.

Weight: 65grams
After a long while tweaking minor dimensions I came out with a weight that is a good midpoint for yoyos. I feel that this 65 gram range is a good stable weight while still giving a minor float that makes playing with it fun.

Diameter: 1.558 inches
At this point most people are going what?! A yoyo that is less than 2 inches in diameter??! Yes, I still feel that this diameter is a bit small for the liking of a lot of people which is why I am open for suggestions in this area. I really like having a small undersized yoyo that is around 2 inches, 1.6 still feels rather small to me. Give me your thoughts!

Width: 1.975 inches
This width is a little wider than your average throw but it seems to lay well in the hand with your middle finger laying nicely in the sloped profile. My width for this yoyo was inspired a lot by the DTI Bass Boost which I still love to death for the feel in my hand. Once again I am open to any suggestions about the width!

Gap Width: .25 inches
The gap in this yoyo was created based on my other yoyos and how well the response was. I think that this is a good gap width but it may need to be changed or even sloped rather than strait down to maximize the binding response while maintaining unresponsive play.

Random figures:
This yoyo has an inner lip that can be used for rim grinds and as for arm grinds the width is ideal to keep it stable and in control when you decide to throw a crazy grind combo. As you can se from the pictures (below) the yoyo was not originally designed for the One Drop Side Effects. Instead it was based off of my favorite point that was designed by CLYW. This can be changed and in fact will be changed to be compatible with the Side Effects if the yoyo makes it through. Also on the note of Side Effects, the yoyos 65 gram weight seems great to go with the side effects because the middle ground weight combined with this system allows for both extremes (light and heavy) while still being in the middle!

Now for the pics!
(sorry for the odd angle)
(the one on the LEFT)

As for now this is my starting idea. Please feel free to leave your comments, questions, and suggestions to my entry bellow!


making it square would be cool. same width and hight.


Don’t think I’m being mean or anything. You want honest opinions. I think it’s ugly. Very odd shape. I don’t like it at all.

As far as play I have no idea. It could play like a dream.


not gonna lie…it looks like the bassboost and the steamroller had an ugly redheaded stepchild…



Well it’s different, I give ya that. Um… wow Itch a tad harsh lol, J/K. Maybe it just needs a lil time to digest. It’s kinda like all those Wide Throws like the Super Wide and Monster that look like 2 Door Knobs or 2 Bells to me, Real Funny and Ugly looking. Although his design looks kinda like the Chico XL or Something. Thats the Second Style of Throw I’ve seen with the more boxy look with little to no Catch zone and the high walls. Only the other one was a prototype of some throw this young teen made on his dads lathe.


lol the harsh judging is fine with me. that is the kind of input that i wanted. anyway, the pics kind of do it a bad justice because it makes it look SUPER tall. it is pretty wide but not any wider than a bassboost (for a mental picture) it does have a very small diameter though.

(Zammy Ickler ) #7

I rather enjoy the different type of shape. It is not any worse then the Superwide or monster similar to what biggrob10 said. :slight_smile: I do not see how this design looks similar to the Chico XL however. It looks a bit simplistic but I could see it happen but I agree with others it would not catch the eyes right away from people.

I do however really enjoy the last comment you said about how the side effects would majorly effect the weight similar to how Duncan Diversions are like with their caps/capless like play.



You might want to check this out, if you didn’t already:


I have seen the picture and I like the shape of the real photo, it looks kinda weird using the 3D graphics