Onedrop CODE 2 review

(The Yo mast3r) #1

Background Info:
The CODE 2 was the second Code (Community One Drop Experiment) yoyo. If you don’t know, CODE allows you to vote on the design of the yoyo. The winning design for the CODE 2 came from Jason Rodriguez AKA Jrod, one of the mods on YYE. After that, it’s just a matter of making the prototypes & gathering feedback to see if there needs to be any tweaks to the design.


Diameter: 56mm
Width: 44mm
Gap width: 4.85mm
Weight: 67.3 with stock Side Effects
Bearing: OD 10 ball bearing
Response: OD Flow Groove Pads

First Impression:
Woah! This is one of the smoothest & most stable yoyos  I’ve ever had. The bearing is very quiet, can barely hear anything. The pads give some of the most satisfying binds I’ve ever felt. Can’t believe how smooth the finish is either, especially for a non blasted one.

The shape is a W shaped design with the rims & the catch zone being slightly rounded. It also has a tiny step to prevent sleep loss. The cup is quite large with the Side Effect hub protruding out of the floor of the cup. It also has an IGR which is a bit small for my liking. The projection profile helps further reduce sleep loss.

The gap is quite wide at 4.85mm. Despite this, I can still get tight binds even with normal Kitty String.

The Guts:
The bearing is the OD 10 ball that comes standard with all OD throws. It’s currently the best bearing I’ve tried. It’s smooth, quiet & long spinning.

The pads are the OD Flow Grooves that come standard with OD throws. They give very tight & snappy binds that feel very satisfying. They don’t snag unexpectedly & deliver the right amount of response for me.

The play of this throw is absolutely phenomenal. The CODE 2 was very stable & long spinning. On each throw I can feel the sheer power of this throw. This yoyo is virtually vibe free. I’ve never encountered any vibe whenever I did a really good throw. Grinds were a dream, especially for the non blasted finish. The projection profile made finger grinds smooth & snappy. Thumb grind are a little tough given the small IGR. The CODE 2 fingerspins much better than I expected. Despite the engraving & the Side Effects protruding out of the hub, I got some really nice fingerspins, even though I suck at them.

The CODE 2 is very rim weighted & I actually found it to be a bit too heavy with the stock SE installed. So I swapped it out for some domes & it played more to my liking. For horizontals, I can’t really say because I really suck at horizontals. Suicides are easy because the loop always remains wide open. I’ve found out that this yoyo is really good for regens. When it comes to rejections, this yoyo ranges from decent to OK.

Very stable
Long spinning
Rim weighted
Can adjust the weight to your liking
Grinds very well
Regens really nicely
Decent for fingerspins
Little to no vibe
Looks amazing
The bearing is very smooth & quiet & the response is wonderful
Wide catch zone
Suited for competition
Resistant to tilt

Rejections are a hit or miss

This is my first throw from Onedrop & I’m very impressed. The yoyo is pretty old (released in early 2012), but it still holds up very well. I like it even more than my YYF Czech Point, which I already really like. The CODE 2 just blows all of the other throws I own out of the water. This throw has all the things I would expect from a good throw. I’ll repeat it again, It’s stable, long spinning, resistant to tilt & very fun. This throw did not disappoint at all. I can say after I received the CODE 2, I’m permanently hooked on Onedrop. Highly recommend this throw to anyone.

9/10, Phenomenal.


(The Yo mast3r) #2

Tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is appreciated.


Very thorough review, though perhaps you could be a bit more detailed in the play section, rather than essentially just saying “It’s great!”


Solid review. You do a good job hitting on all the important areas - play, response, shape, and your experiences with it.

One thing you might consider doing in the future is some comparison with the other yoyos you have - in other words, what about it blows the other yoyos out of the water?

Good job!


Well if i wasent so tight on money your review is so good i may have been purchasing one right after this reply. Great structure BTW. I recently posted a review “Magic yoyo M002 april review” can you check it out and let me know what you think of my first review?



I own 2 code 2s and completely agree with your review. It’s my favorite yoyo I own. You might want to add a little about how it plays differently with the different side effects. I find the lego SE to be a good balance of speed and stability compared to my spikes or ultralights (if that’s what they’re called) for me. Great review.


Review very accurate, congratulations.
Yoyo I was waiting with great anxiety … I bought it just came out … since then and for years I have played less than twenty times … he does not tell me anything because second me it is stable but doesn’t spinn relevant times, the weight distribution is certainly not the best, more to the mass center of gravity and a little to the outer rim.
For those who had heard there was a user who denounced the fact that the yoyo scratched crawling on a plastic button of his shirt; this topic became a long dispute over the quality of aluminum used by OneDrop and the fact that the yoyo in 7075 Japanese were more resistant.
From that controversy he was born GZR series.
That user was me, and what I scratched the second launch, 10 minutes after receiving it from the courier was my code 2 blue … the code 2 GZR was produced in the same color of my yoyo… will be a chance !!! ;D