noobs review of code 2

I’ve been throwing for a little over 2 months. I have been working on pop-n-fresh and kwijibo with my dv888 and t5, having trouble with the hops.

Then I got my new OD code 2 in yesterday. This is my first high end throw and WOW, what a difference. I own magic t5 and n9, a dv888, and a FHZ. Not that any of these are bad per say, but it’s like night and day.

The code 2 feels light in the hand. Nice smooth finish, almost like it has talcum powder on it but still shiny. A satin finish kinda.  I actually thought it was dusty and wiped it off when I took it out the box. lol Beautiful Ano job, green and silver wash with purple splash and black spike SE. The laser etching is almost ghost because of the colorway.

Put a center trak in it and threw on some string. Did a couple of quick binds and started playing. This thing sleeps forever, even with a moderate throw. very stable and balanced, feels light on the strings but you still know its there. It takes so much less effort it seems to get it going and changing direction. Not having to tug as hard on the string. then i decided to try pop-n-fresh. I’ve been trying with the dv888 and not doing well. with the code 2, I started landing it not problem. Now i’m able to do reps until there is no more spin left in the yoyo, after maybe 10-15 mins of practice. My boingy boing works so much smoother.

And I now understand the higher end price tag. the quality of machining is top notch. the small grooves that have been cut into the catch zone are amazing. they help with grinds so much. like 3-5 seconds(I was barely able to get it to more than stall with the dv888 and t5) and i almost can’t feel on my skin.  The bearing seat is snug but I can take the bearing out with just my fingers. I love the idea of the side effects. Now you don’t have to worry about stripping an axle and winding up with a $100+ paperweight. Also the fact that you can change the weight of the throw in an instant is brilliant.

I am in love with the CODE2, and One Drop. darn and I was hoping this would quench my thirst for new throws for a while. Now I wanna try the whole One Drop line up.

Noce review! Impressive for two months!

But yeah, the code 2 is the best, and you wouldnt be making a bad choice by buying another onedrop!

Also, if you think $100 is a very expensive price tag, you must be new here haha :wink:

thats what the + behind the $100 was i have been kind of looking at some clyw stuff too i know stuff can get pricey.

Get ready to lose your money good sir, you just got into yoyoing :wink:

This is a very good review. I would, however, recommend that you maybe look into cheaper yoyos of the same size (full and oversize, that is) as the code 2 before you drop another $100 on a yoyo. It is just my opinion, but still. You must be pretty good to be already hitting those tricks!

I spent $115 on a throw and it was no big deal to me:P Nice review. I too am sort of noobish.

I don’t mind.spending the extra money for something quality. I have been looking at $50-60 throws too. I have a job it’s cool. Lol