Got a hold of some blank EHs. This one's for Ed.

Not done yet, but it’s going pretty well. Drawing on wood is fun.

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That looks amazing! Good work. Let me know if you plan on selling any of the EH’s

What does EH stand for?

Sorry - not up to speed with all my terms, yet.

Spyy made a wooden yoyo for Ed Haponik when he decided to go all fixed axle for a year. Ended up collaborating with TMBR for a few runs. They’re pretty amazing throws, if you dig playing fixed.


Sell some please. :slight_smile:

EH is named after Ed Haponik.
EH. E-H. Ed Haponik. It’s his initials.

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Saw these on your IG… :flushed: amazing

I always assumed that due to the Canadian connection, there was also the coincidental but embraced extra joke of it spelling “eh”, as we stereotypically say all the time (and in fact, DO say sometimes).

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Woah! Awesome.

I want one.

You’re such a good artist.

What’s your Instagram? I would love to stay tuned to see more of these.

@weekneed on instagram.

The EH’s are my learning curve - not sure where they’ll end up, but I really like drawing on wood like this. Probably going to look around for some good blanks from TMBR or Hildy or OUT. I’ll keep you guys posted.

TMBR makes some really smooth, plain blank Fixies.

Bet they’d hook you up if you contacted them.

TMBR made the EHs didn’t they? Seems OUTs are preferred though, so that’d be a fun collab.

Yes, they did a collab with Spyy.

The Irving is a very blank throw, most of their designs would be a good canvas.

Never tried an OUT, but love the designs they have.

I have a bunch of TMBRs and a Just For Fun from OUT. Haven’t tried a Hildy yet, but I’ll get one sooner than later. I like all three companies, and I like good yoyos so I’ll most likely try a bit of everything.

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What is your favorite wooden fixie as of now?

Looking to invest in a wooden fixie and am testing the waters to see what people like best.

Tough call. They’re temperamental beasts, so you’ve got to go in with a willingness to play around with the setup. I really like Colin’s stuff, but I usually a throw a kuhn turbo disc on one side to up the responsiveness. Baldwin is my favorite of his, but I hear good things about the Turner, too. Baldwin is designed with stalls in mind though, from what I understand.

Finished the first side. I had no idea you could layer watercolor like this. Really fun.

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It’s beautiful. Awesome work :slight_smile:

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