Got a coupon - Got a need

Got a coupon that gives me about $12.

So I thought it would be fun to get your thoughts on what you think might be the best performing yoyo under $12. I’m not looking for any particular category or style of play.

I would prefer that you stick to throws you’ve actually used, but if you know of one that gets solid marks from lots of people, that’s great, too.

I know its all pretty much subjective. And I don’t have a particular need here. Just a fun way to add a throw to the collection.

A classic is your best bet for under $12. That’s what most people are going to recommend anyway.

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This. If you are willing to go a few dollars higher, the surge is a great yoyo. Also, the gacek edition ONE is a good choice.

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for 1a, classic, one, or whip. If you can add a few dollars, onestar, asteroid, or psg.

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whip because it is stock unresponsive If you don’t mind responsive go with the amazing classic.

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Thanks, everyone. Seems like there’s a pretty clear winner here, but I also appreciate the alternate suggestions, and will keep them in mind for later.

Appreciate the help

2 Proflys and a 5 pack of cotton string :wink:

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There is wisdom in that statement! I’m currently building up my old collection back up, but haven’t got around to wooden axles yet :slight_smile:

Without knowing more… I can’t really recommend an under-$12 total solution.

For 1A, the Classic rocks, but at under $10, to get it to “awesome” requires more money: bearing and pads.

Just OVER the budget for a complete solution would be a PSG.

I find the Classic with upgrades and the PSG to be multi-style power-houses. 1A, 3A, 5A, they rock it. Counterweight and second yoyos(and parts as applicable) is your issue and extra cost.

Asteroid is a 1A yoyo for sure. Good stuff, but just over budget. Heck, so is the Surge and it’s well worth what you’re paying for it. Heck, they are both easily worth twice to three times what you pay NEW. Let’s toss the Alpha Crash in that category too. Why not cram the OneStar in there too while we’re at it, and that sucker can grind like nothing you’ve seen before. Well, that is unless you’ve used celcon and delrins before! The OneStar may be light, but it’s still a good player.

I can’t find a pair of loopers for that kind of money that I like. Closes I can get is the Loop 360’s at $8 each, but you’re over budget.

The YYF Whip is great, but it’s too darn light. If you’re gonna spring for it, get the Champions Edition because it’s like you’re buying a free CBC CenterTrac and they throw in the yoyo for free.

The YYF Stackless Grind Machine is better weight, similar shape, but still over your budget.

If the stars align, a Magic YoYo T5 can be had for $12 OR LESS shipped directly to your door. You better expect to wait about 3 weeks. Metal!!

If you’re really into using the $12 to knock down what you’re spending, and are willing to raise your total budget to INCLUDE that $12, then we can really get something going for you.

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Thanks, Studio -

I have a PSG and absolutely love it, and just the other day received a Magic YoYo T5, which I’m enjoying.

Will definitely take a look at your other recommendations. Today was just a fun, hey, I’ve got $12 on a lark, let’s see what folks recommend for that, or less.

Never tried Delrin, and look forward to doing so.

Appreciate your response!

Most people have been suggesting 1A throws, but I’m gonna go ahead and talk about 2A.

If you want a pair, all of these are a little over your budget. But there’s the loop 360 if you want a cheap intro to looping. If you want a fun light up looper, you can take a look at the duncan pulse. Going up from there, there’s the shinwoo loop, the loop 808, and of course the classic fireball. The fire loop by shinwoo is a light up version of the loop.


Forget that. Buy some aqua Snow Tires and PUT THEM IN A METAL.

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Yes. Irpads work too.

If you are looking at a responsive throw, get a Classic. Then, later on, you can mod it to play unresponsive. I don’t actually have one but I here it’s good.

If you are looking for an unresponsive throw, get a One or a Whip. I don’t own one but I’ve thrown those two before and I enjoyed them. I am thinking about getting a Whip and my brother has a One.

YYJ Classic. Easy choice.

Classic with pads and wide bearing

If you already have an unresponsive yoyo, either follow yooldman’s suggestion or go for a Duncan Mosquito. A tonne of fun for only $8.50! Love that little yoyo. Use the extra to get some friction stickers for when you need to replace them.

Thanks, everyone. Got a Classic on the way. I’ll work with it stock for awhile, then decide if I want to make changes.

Great choice!