Google GLASS

I honestly would probably pay the 1500 (or even more) if they could be integrated into my actual glasses. There’s no way I can wear these and my glasses as of now.

I’m in the same situation.



Why do I have to “Google” Glass?
It just pop’s up to this page…


First thing I thought when I saw it: OMG A REAL LIFE SCOUTER

Yeah these things will need to be prescription if I am to use them.

It’s probably fairly bulky, that’s why the lady in the picture had her hood up to cover up part of the “frame”

I think it would be even cooler if they attached them or made new ones as face shields for motorcycle helmets.

Eh I disagree. It would be too distracting I think. Plus when you go down, chances are you’ll probably mess up your visor. The closest think I’ve seen to that would be snowboarding goggles with a hud, which you could probably wear for mx.

apple and google are working together to assimilate us into the borg collective…

When they make these for contacts, I’m in.

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I wouldnt be surprised. NWO?

Keep in mind, this is a prototype. They should get, ya know, the glass part to work before they adress the “frame”.

Maybe it’ll have a voice recognition tool.

Heck yeah! Definitely!!

The idea is so amazing. It’s about time that a tech company actually produces something that makes us feel like we’re in the future.

Smartphones was just a long slow process of companies trying and failing to combine a PDA and with a phone until Apple nailed it. Tablets are just better PDA’s really.

Microsoft PixelSense is close, but it’s not really accessible to consumers. And it doesn’t have that futuristic vibe.

Google GLASS is something we’ve seen in sci-fi and cartoons for such a long time. We’ve longed for this. Someone mentioned the scouter from DBZ in this thread. We have a meme on this thing that has been running for so long. This is a thing from the future.

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Geordi don’t need no google glass…