Google Glass Yoyoing

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It’s cool technology, I just don’t think it will work in the yoyo world. It doesn’t provide enough maneuverability, tricks get cut off. But I think it’s really cool that you’re the first yoyoer to share google glass yoyoing with the community. Good stuff, just not perfect for yoyoing :slight_smile:

Maybe its because I’m watching on my phone, but I was expect better quality.

Some neat tricks, nonetheless.

This is pretty cool technology. I’m sure the quality will increase when the demand is met.

Hmm, quite bad, maybe someday there will be available wide lens, to get as good view as from go pro.

Awesome video! i just thought it would be more clear, for 1500 glasses wouldnt you get like HD video atleast?

Those who are complaining don’t understand what google glass is. It’s a phone for your face. If you want a high quality camera for your face then get a go pro. It’s not $1500 either. Consumer versions should be $100 to $200. It’s also meant to be pointing at the object straight ahead of you, so if you want to film your tricks, you have to tip it downwards.


drools fish eye google glass…

So cool!! Nice tricks BTW. What yoyo are you using?

Very cool!


Wow, thanks for sharing with that. Its cool to see how things would turn out on new tech !

BBYY Bully

AWESOME tricks :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D 8) But the video could have been better… :-\