Action cam for yoyo tricks

What is the best bang for the buck for a little camera doesn’t have to be an “action cam” just something compact. Ideally I would like to stay at the $200 range. ButI can spend more that is no issue.

Just take a SnapBack hat, and iPod/Any Phone, and tape. Hit record on the iPod/Phone, and tape the iPod/Phone to the visor, but making sure the camera lens is past the visor, and facing down. Once done recording you can edit the video out of the part of you taking it on and off the hat.

There’s an “entry version” of the GoPro model called the GoPro Session, sells at $200. Having a wide lens for doing yoyo POV stuff is a plus as you won’t really have to worry if you’re cutting out part of your shot. You can buy a GoPro head strap and then adjust the angle of the camera and start filming.

I’m using a GoPro Hero 3 White edition, does the trick for me. It is an older GoPro.

Get a phone headmount, ($15) and a fisheye phone lens ($10) and it looks JUST like a go pro. That’s what I use. It works great!