Budget camera's that are the best for yoyo vids?


Hey I’m kinda broke but I can work to about 100 bucks for a camera, any recommendation or is my price tag a bit short? I want to post mroe yoyo vids but my Galaxy s3 isn’t making the cut.


look carefully and you can find a Go Pro Hero 3 for 149 and change.



If you save up to 200 I would suggest to you a contour roam 2 its what I have been using and it’s the easiest thing to use that and has some pretty cool mounts.


A friend of mine recently told me they went out of business. Not sure how true that is.


Well either way it’s a good camera and right now there on sale for $169


What are you struggling with on the S3…? The camera should be fairly decent - I’ve shot some yoyo videos on an S2.

The main problem I found was light level - as long as I shot in very good light, I had a decent quality image. Outside with natural light is best. Even better if it’s overcast, as you won’t get any harsh shadows or highlights.


Well, there’s the Sony Acton Cam, and they have a sale on them at Best Buy or directly from the sony store