Go Pro: Dope or Nope?


So Im planning on getting a Silver Ed. Go Pro (latest model, I believe its the Hero 3?) but Im wondering if I should stick with it, or get a different camera.

If I do get the camera ill also get:
The Frame
Head Strap

Ill also probably get a Tripod and the Tripod stand for the Go Pro.

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If you’re planning on doing literally anything other than head mounting or sports capture, I’d just get a real big boy camera.


Nope it’s too expensive I am getting the the contour roam 2 camera which is $100 dollars cheaper and does the same stuff you can do with the go pro. plus you can hook it up to your IPhone to see what the camera sees. Also its easier to use. I am buying that instead of the go pro over the summer. Plus it has a ton more mounts than the go pro.


I would go GoPro if you’re getting an action cam. It really is the best option on the market and the vast array of accessories makes it a no brainer. Not to mention that it’s very obvious that GoPro has clear market dominance and contour will fade out eventually. It’s like the iPhone of the action camera world (and also I should mention that the gopro also has an app to link to your phone and it works great.

I highly recommend buying the black edition. It really is worth the extra money. The resolution is superior and it comes with a free wireless remote that’s very nice.

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The Contour is vastly superior to the GoPro in terms of mounting practicality and profile. There are better options for mounting, and the lens rotates to any angle, so it’s a no brainer unless you prefer diagonal footage whenever you mount on a surface that isn’t perfectly horizontal or vertical. For yoyo or minimal applications, it’s not going to really matter, but for anything serious the Contour is superior.

Source: I own two, and we use it for snowboarding, airsoft, sailing, and automotive applications.




Oh yeah I forget to mention the contour roam 2 also does a regular tripod instead of buying a ridiculous mount that probably costs 2x more.


But, but, but im 4,11" :frowning:

You need to be at least 5 feet tall to be a big boy


No, you need to be 4’12’!




Owning both a “big boy camera” and a gopro, given the option i would definitely go for the “big boy camera” gopros are cool and all, but a real video camera or dslr with video capabilities will yield much better results for anything you want to do with yoyo videos (or any other videos) other than head mounting them. Even then you can get over your shoulder views to give a POV shot similar to a headmount.


Yeah but I think the Go Pro is way cheaper than any “big boy” camera.

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Cheaper in, cheaper out. If you like having zero control with any variable other than what direction it’s facing, go for it.

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You’re welcome.


dude,… I love you.

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This is the same camera I use to have.

Here is a video taken with it:

It also takes very nice pictures.


+1 for the contour


THe GoPro or contour is useful for that particular type of “POV” video, butif you watch any really good videos (Biser Lukich (sp?), Coleman Weimer, ) or , they’re using DSLR. You can get a previous gen Nikon or Canon used for a couple hundred, a touch more than a basic GoPro.

If the Contour is really only $100, I would start there and then add a DSLR with video capability (the Canon T3i is a popular choice and it’s the one I use!). If you start with the DSLR instead, you can always find a way to do top-down. :wink: Here are a couple quick vids I made for people who asked for them:

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While I think the conversation has taken steps away from the Contour vs. GoPro topic, I think I’ll post another voucher towards its legitimacy:


That’s my brother, shown preferring practical head mounting when it matters most. The entire lens assembly rotates, allowing the footage to be completely level while preserving a simple, low-profile mount even when placed on the angled lip of his helmet.


I have this camera. My one tip is if you get it, film very close to yourself, as it is super wide angle. Get it!


Just looked at the Canon T3i, and its $600! I just need a good Canon or Nikon camera that records 1080p HD Videos and takes high quality HD pictures (signed up for a photography class so the Go Pro is out of the Picture.