whats the best camera?, maybe in teh opinion of someone that makes countless videos, particularly outdoors. Of course budget is in mind and so is sound quality and indestructibility. GoPro’s seem the way to go, but i hear some complaints here and there. Just want an opinion,before i make a purchase.

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I use a contour roam 2 it’s a $100 cheaper than go pro the company is back in business so there not limited. The lens rotates so you can place it at odd angles and it will film straight up. They also have mounts you can buy that are really fun to use also it takes a regular tripod as well so no problem there. It shoots in 1080p. The camera itself has a white balance on it and a laser to see where the camera is pointing. The only downside is you can’t see the footage until you get to a computer with contour storyteller on it but it really isn’t that bad because your going to get to a computer anyways to edit the video.


i truly appreciate you! Thank you!


sj4000 is the best budget action cam imo


Oh by the way if you have anymore questions on the contour I will be happy to answer just give me a pm. Since well I own the camcorder.