Camera for Yoyoing?

Hey everyone I’ve been wanting to take videos of myself yoyoing and to create tutorials and such, but my phone’s camera isn’t cutting it. It’s hard to see what I’m doing and the angles that I want to capture just don’t work. I was looking at getting a video camera for this purpose, and specifically a POV camera (point-of-view camera, like a GoPro that can attach to your head), unless people would recommend something else. A first-person view for doing tutorials seems awesome! Plus, with the capabilities to slow footage down, it would make even better tutorials! The only camera I know that does these things are the GoPros. If anyone has used these before or other cameras for shooting yoyo vids or that attach to your head please leave some feedback, thanks!

Links to sites that sell cameras are perfectly fine. they can be posted here. I’d say a gopro is the best for a pov period. price is relatively inexpensive.

Ok thanks for letting me know, changed it.

I was about to say the opposite I thought $250-350 was pretty expensive for one. But I know hardly anything about cameras. Thanks for your input!

If you think about it they are the most versatile. Can be mounted just about anywhere. Have a GREAT picture. Have cases made for them for underwater vids. Can’t go wrong. They last a good while too. Besides most of the better hd camera’s out there will cost you around the same amount but won’t have the versatility.

I use my big bros gopro hd hero 2 for mine.

The Hero 2 looks awesome but the original Hero is less than half the price so now I have to decide which one to get.

If you don’t want to do slomo, then get the hero. The hero 2 has AWESOME slomo!!!

I really do want slow-motion, I could make some pretty cool laceration/whip tutorials! The original Hero has slow-motion, right? Or just Hero2?

The hd hero 2 has more fps, thus making the slomo smother. It has 120 fps in wvga. 60 fps in 720p. And 30 fps in 1080p.



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