GoPro Hero 8 or Insta360 One R or something else?

I know there are loads of resources available online when it comes to cameras.
But I’m a camera noob and also what I’m interested in is more yoyo specific.

I want a camera to shoot yoyo videos. And also be able to use for family stuff and Onewheel expeditions etc.

But mainly yoyo videos :joy:

I thought this is probably a good place of likeminded individuals with some experience on these kind of compact cameras without going full on expensive and big and DSLR DSLM route. :grin:

What are your thoughts good YYE people.
What is gong to be the best route for me to take for when I want to express myself through string formations and share with the world (all 0.0000008% of the world even…)


i always wondered as well… and after a bunch of research ibgrabbed a gopro hero8… to video my kid make tutorials :man_shrugging:t3: