Inexpensive camera for bird's eye POV?

Just curious if anyone here can recommend a decent camera for recording a bird’s eye POV for doing yo-yo tricks. I don’t want to spend several hundred on a gopro.

looks for used go pros for cheaper? or check out

Action cam

Gonna necropost. Wanna shoot POV vids of my throwing poorly to ask for pointers. I’d strap my phone to my head, but that doesn’t really give an opportunity to adjust angles since I can’t see what it’s shooting. I’d assume a wifi-enabled action cam would do the trick, but I need cheapo recommendations. Amazon is an absolute must.

Your phone on top of a bookshelf

@adamantiumpimp I have a couple Eken brand action cams that were like $50 GoPro knockoffs. They’ve worked great for the most part, though they don’t come with anything to mount it to your head so you would have to figure out something for that. Can record up to 4k with it I think though I typically just record with it at 1080p60fps

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Yeah I think that would be my go to. Most of those cheap ones come with a mount bundle nowadays too. I’ll see what kind of Eken I can find. Thanks!

Check eBay. I have bought 2 gopros on eBay that were mint at a significant discount. People buy them all the time with big plans, but don’t end up using them.