gopro vs gopro?

ok so im buying a gopro here pretty soon, my eyes are set on the gopro hero3 blackedition which is $400 and does 1080p at 60fps blah blah blah…

now does anyone know how to compare that to say the hero3 white edition which is $200 cheaper and does 1080p at 30fps?

for yoyoing, skateboarding, juggleing and kendama would one matter more then the other?

I’m sure both would get the job done. It depends how much you’ll end up using it.

I race cars. My buddy has a 60fps go pro that he got a few weeks ago. Man that thing works like a champ! It did make a difference to the older one he had. It all depends on what you are going to use it for. Going 100+ mph will make the difference. Using it to make yoyo videos will be no benefit.

The 60fps works really well to get smooth slow-mo shots. I want one soooo bad haha.

Gopro hero 3 actually does 1440p from what I saw yesterday when I was looking at one in Scheels

I have the white edition, and while I am sorely aware of its shortcomings compared to the black edition, it serves me just fine. If you’re going to be getting a lot of use out of it, and really want to do slow-motion stuff, go for the black edition.

The black Ed. Is not just 1440p, it’s 4kp. Also known as 4000p. The white does up to 1080. And slomo wise, white does 60fps, black does 240. So it’s WAY better.


I never liked the go pro. While I know it doesn’t really matter, I always thought it looked ridiculous. Too much like a tiny version of a normal camera. I use a contour HD for all things POV.

The Hero3 Black only does 240fps at 480p (standard definition) just so you knows.

True, but the quality is still very good.


thank you for all the replys, i really appreciate everyones input!

i think to save some money i may just get the white edition since i dont plan on doing alot of slow-mo stuff anyway. which i could still do slo-mo if it was set to 720p which the white does at 60fps(correct me if im wrong please lol)

idk black is tempting but money is tight and i want to start making videos =]

You could do slomo, but not that good slomo.

I would consider looking at the Hero2 also. I have it and for my yoyo videos (slow motion too) it is really good. It might be cheaper now that the Hero3’s are out.

Yes, gopro hero 2s are good, I use my brothers.

Just get google glass :wink:

Why should I get a go-pro instead of some other 1080p camera for less? I don’t think I’ll be yoyoing while climbing rocks or fighting bears.

Eli hop a bear in the face.
and use your yoyos like a rope to help you climb.

Bear vs Man Round 2 coming soon… :wink: