I just "Acquired" A Hero 3+ Black edition

so I just got a hero 3 black edition from one of my moms freinds that had bought it a]nd she never uses it so she gave it to me it came with a ton of mounts and the LCD touch back pac so I’m really excited to start makeing yoyo vids with this thing

That’s awesome. My bro in law just got one of these for Christmas and it’s super cool.

… but I want it!

Well too bad I’m keeping it. Also I forgot to mention it cam with the wifi remote aswell as 2 16 gig micro SD cards

Dude you got hooked up, that’s awesome, I’ve tested my suction cup mount at 150+ mph, have some fun with it!


I know right?

your constant spelling errors make me nervous to homeschool my daughter…

but hey nice grab. id love a free gopro.

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I know how to spell I just hit the wrong key’s sometimes and I’m to lazy fix it.

Edit ok I didn’t know how to spell acquired because I like never have to spell that word but I Googled how to spell it and so now I know.

anyone else notice the grammatical errors here…

Look up how to use the Protune controls. You will seem to get “worse” results directly from the camera, but the flat colour will allow you to have much better control inside your video editor.

If you’re not going to use a video editor for anything other than cutting clips down to size, though… maybe ignore the Protune advice. Haha!

Thanks Greg I’ll check that out the editor I’m using does have a bunch of color correction settings so that will be kinda fun to mess with

You should homeschool your daughter because then she can read the yoyoexpert forums while doing school and become a yoyo world champion.

Fixed all your errors sir.
You make me nervous about becoming an adult.


Guys, don’t feed the trolls.