yoyo Cameras


What kind of cameras are recommended for capturing the motion of the yoyo pretty clear? Also, ive seen some videos recorded with head cams. what kind are people using? i really want to get one for myself.


Basically, anything will work provided you do other stuff properly. HD will not take any of your slacking off in the preparation department though.

The FLIP cams are fairly inexpensive, rather durable, robust and easy to use and you can get a great picture fast. They also connect to Mac and PC for fast access and easy editing and charging. They are also small, pocket sized really, and do HD at 720p(target is 1080p, but hey, for those prices, you do not get 1080p!) The drawbacks are fixed batteries and fixed storage, but with 8Gigs of storage, that’s around 2 hours, but your battery life won’t last that long. They’ll mount to any tripod or monopole as well. While lite on other features, they are still a great value for what they do and my wife and myself love them.

This is just one of many options. Many still cameras can do video, so can cell phones. MiniDV cams work great, but get an HD version, it’s really smart this way. I like tape. Tape prints fast, but transfers back for editing slow(real-time conversion/transfer). DVD-based or other optical based starts fast, ends SLOW(has to write from buffer to media), and errors are common and you lose the whole disc at times. Tape just writes and stops, writes and stops, no issues, no waiting. Flash media writes fast,and the stop isn’t so bad, maybe a second or two at best as the buffer writes to the media.

You want things like image stabilization and stereo audio. Most stuff has that these days. The older Flips lack some of these, the current Gen3 models DO.


ohh wow i didnt know if those flip cameras were any good. so 720p, is that low? or about average? 1080 is like very high quality? so how are people doing those head cam shots?


We recommend a camera that can record at least 360p and has a frame rate of at least 29fps. Just as long as the final product when on the computer isn’t pixelated and we can see what’s going on at a good steady rate then it’s fine. Good luck.


There’s two flavors of typical HD video: 720p and 1080p. For what you’re intending, 720p is more than sufficient.

How are people doing those head-cam shots? Well, there’s multiple ways. One way is with appropriate specialized hardware, and the other is more common method is a camera and duct tape to a hat or helmet or other variants on ingenious rigging and mounting.


ohh okay gotcha. im going to check them out. and yea i was wondering about that duct tape method haha. it would proably work good on those flip cameras right? also, what about the editing program? i have a windows laptop. so any good programs for that? i have a pinnacle program rightnow, and i hate it. errors often occur, it shuts down on me, the videos ive edited end up coming out all blurry. any programs you guys suggest? thanks very much. i appreciate the help


i checked what he camera on my phone was like, and it has setting and i can chose if i want 720p, or 1080. pretty sweet! now i just need a good program


I used to use Nero, but that program, well, I never liked it and it was always notoriously unstable. Basically, if you can’t get it done in one session, you can count on fighting it the whole time. I use Sony Vegas Pro 10. I’m going to upgrade to 11 in a few weeks. But, I do video editing as part of what I do. You can use Windows Movie Maker if you want. It should work. But if you’re using Pinnacle, if you can import it in, you’re good.


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im now downloading windows movie maker. thanks a bunch i will mess around and experiment with these. and a giam, i appreciate your help! thanks!


@ Studio42 This is a video i made a couple days ago. am i weird for complaining about this quality? also at the end, it just stops. that wasnt the end of the video. but on pinnacle when im done editing the video, and it saving, it says an error occured almost toward the end. if u see my youtube channel, my vids are real blurry and cut off at the end. or the sound is horrible


Where is this video?

Also, don’t feel bad. Sometimes the audio goes out of sync when people use Final Cut Pro. Nothing better than being under a time crunch and a 26+ hour render to discover that the audio isn’t lined up anymore.

On the major show I work on, I often have the performance video done with a week to spare. I make them do things and get things to me on time so I am not under the crunch. But I’m also doing sound and lighting too and that all ties together so I have to be far ahead of THEM!

BTW I don’t use Windows Movie Maker, so I can’t help you with it. Seriously, I’ve never used it.


Windows Movie maker only supports video files of wmv, mpg, and 3gp. Unless your camera records in that format then you need a converter. Windows movie maker is a simple editing software. If you want simple but your phone doesn’t save in that format then look up realplayer. It’s a universal video player that can download videos online. The best part is it comes with a converter so you can convert your files to wmv and then edit them on windows.



I absolutely love the video on my iPhone 4s at 1080p and I use iMovie to edit them. Not great in the dark but most videos are done inside or during the day outside.

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