Help me please!!

What camera do you guys use for your yoyo vids?

i need to buy one. i am using my ipod camera right now but i want a good quality camera thats not too expensive. i need one that will show the string good and have good quality.

any suggestions?

Flip cams are cheap, reliable, affordable and easy to use.

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thanks! iv heard of these i just didnt know if thy would be good for a yoyo vid . haha thanks!

Yeah a flip.
Ipod works okay, but its not preferred.

I’d recommend a Kodak Play Sport ZX5.
It records to an SD card (you can put up to a 32gb card in it), you can do 1080p at 30fps OR 720p at 60fps, which gives you insane quality for fast action, and with proper software you can keep the quality in Slo-Mo

It records well in average light, but is beautiful in bright light and phenomenal outside.

BONUS - it’s waterproof up to 10ft - for those underwater yoyo demos :slight_smile: (actually it’s fun in the pool)

The retail is like $150 but Amazon puts them on sale all the time (I grabbed a couple not that long ago for under $100 each) so does Target. If you’re recording at 60fps you’ll be best off using a class 10 SD card

Interesting about the Kodak Play Sport ZX5.

Here’s a few things to consider:

The Flip is pocket sized(mostly). All Flips are fixed storage: it is what it is, and when it’s full, it’s full and the camera is effectively no longer useful.
The MinoHD has a built in battery too, so you can’t swap out for different batteries, where has the Flip HD can use a pair of AA batteries instead of it’s rechargable.
The Flip’s, unless they’ve changed, record at 720p, 30fps, which is more than sufficient for what you want to to.
The Flip is completely self contained and links to your computer by the built in USB port, which can also charge the battery.

Turtle makes good points for the Kodak:
Price. Hey, cheaper camera(*cheaper in price means more money for yoyos!)
Different resolutions AND speeds gives more editing options. DO NOT underestimate this!!
Removable cards mean you are NOT restricted by the built in storage. This is also ideal for vacations because you don’t have to carry around extra cameras.
Waterproof… hmmm. No seriously, maybe that’s not selling point for you, but think about this: if you’re shooting and it’s raining, it gives you a few more options. I think their though was if you drop it at the edge of the water or into a puddle or something like that, or you get rained on, you won’t wreck your camera.

I haven’t checked out this Kodak, but I’m tempted to not get a Chief and check this out now. I like the Flips, but there are certain things a yoyo video NEEDS that a regular video I do DOES NOT need.

I’m always willing to explore options.

I’ve gone through various pocket cams, including Flip and Sony - found the first play sport (ZX3) when looking for something for my daughter, needed to be a little more rough and tumble, and the waterproof thing intrigued me. She loves it, took it to swimming lessons, went down to the deep end and had a blast. Took it to the beach, no sand issues and splashed in the ocean with it…

So when the ZX5 came out, had some welcomed improvements (more rough and tumble proof - drop/shock resilient) I didn’t hesitate to grab some. I handed them off to kids in our church as they went down our 18 foot water slide that drops into a mini-pool (for VBS) lots of fun…

I know that waterproof doesn’t mean much to yo yo, but as Studio said - it really is a plus, especially in the rain

It’s nice and compact, has a tripod mount - I would totally recommend finding a Gorillapod (or something like that) that way you can get hang it off of stuff and get some fun angles

Other plus to the SD card - if you don’t have access to your USB cord (Flip is built in, but be careful, I broke one because it was plugged in and got bumped) most computers have an SD reader in them.

The camera also has built in share functions, if you don’t plan on editing.

For the price and size, it’s a great little camera