Lk Glass fixed axle pay it forward

LK Glass yo-yo. Fixed Axle Glass yoyo.

This is a pay it forward like all the others. Eventually I would love this to head back my way to my collection if possible. 30 days per person, list format sign up is linked below:

If something happens to this yoyo as long as the halves are intact I’ll reach back out to @yoyoyoga and see what he needs to repair it. If not I’ll take what’s left back as a trophy for attempting something neat.

There’s some string and neat stuff in there take what you like and replenish with new cool stuff and string if you can and try to leave enough in there that the next person and people after that get some goodies too. Sign the card and write a note or something make this a great experience for each person involved.

Pictures of yoyo:

Please note this yoyo is glass. The box is double with some packing materials, the yoyo it’s self is a plastic container with foam around the yoyo and packing material around the container. Other material is in the box but anything hard should be wrapped with packing material too to prevent damage. Treat it like it’s yours please.

Play as you will not gonna judge but maybe no off string and if your playing cw play over a carpeted area if possible. Otherwise have fun post about what you like and don’t like, ask questions and experiment. Let’s show that glass is a cool yoyo medium and glass yo-yos are more durable than folks think. (Please don’t intentionally try to break the yoyo or test its durability it’s still glass) if there are issues reach out to @Captrogers

if possible let’s keep it con US unless international person is willing to help with shipping to them and let’s have everyone vetted with at least a year on the forum, BST/PiF transaction or vouched for by a trusted member of the community in some way.

Switching to a list you can see who has had and will have the yoyo in the spreadsheet linked below that only shows signup date and forum name:

If we hit the end of the list we go back to old school and post the below text for a first come first serve approach or the yoyo will come back my way and the pif can end.


I will send the Glass yoyo on to the next person to post, ”I’ll take it,” here, in this this thread. DM’s don’t count, it needs to be in thread to keep everything fair (Contiguous 48 states only, please). You will get this great throw to use and enjoy, completely free, for 30 DAYS (give or take a few). please make sure to repackage this yoyo with care.

HOWEVER! By accepting this throw, you also accept the responsibility of creating a similar post at the end of your 30 day period, as well as paying the shipping fees in sending it on to the next person.


LkGlass Socials:

First up is @TryCatchThrow
And @Yoyomikie asked to be second when I was chatting about doing this with some folks. After that it’s fair game. Box is in the mail to trycatchthrow now.

Let’s have some fun and hit up @yoyoyoga if you’re interested in getting your own one of a kind glass yoyo. Did you know he does bearing versions too.


I’ll take it!!


Oops. I saw that it’s spoken for out the gate. Shucks!! I thought I had that!! :rofl::rofl:
I’ll be watching. :grin:



But in this case, it’s pretty damn close, lol.


They are quite fun, I’m glad I scored one. Don’t be afraid.


30 days seems a bit long…


Very cool, I’m too scared to try it lol


Is there is like a list going or is it first come first serve after the 30 days of the previous person.


Appreciated @Captrogers , it is borosilicate so has similar durability as your glassware. Glass is weird and ive had things break months later on a shelf left alone (usually opals or sparkly colors), also had massive impacts on my glass from metal with no cracking. Fixed axle only work how i like with chapstick on the string as response. I like really thick strings that hold tension for stalls but nylon has a bit of natural response if you want to try sleeping. Dont use weak strings unless you are trying to break some glass.


I will be watching this thread like a hawk.


I hope no one hesitates to try this thing. It’s pretty awesome. I accept all risk. I realize that by putting this up here it may be lost, stollen, broken or worse and I both accept that risk and hope that any harm done will be entirely by accident and not out of malice or self gain. @Hungrymushroom dont worry if you hurt it on accident I wouldn’t hold it against you.

@Upmanyu @Slestak75 this for now will operate off a short list of the current person and then after @Yoyomikie after that it’ll be first come first serve. I had offered it privately in a few places and honestly got crickets lol. So I figured I would toss it here and let it do its thing after the select few who said hi get a turn.

@Shwa i totally get that. I really really do. I figure it’ll take a bit but lk isn’t going anywhere and if it doesn’t jive with someone they are welcome to send it on early. I figure I’ll see this again in a year or 5 lol


Why not start a list here instead of first come first serve? Its just easier for anyone who comes across this thread.
Anyway looks really cool and would love to try it when the chance comes, thanks for doing this!


So dope! Thank you @Captrogers for the sick opportunity! Got my eyes peeled :eye::eye:


@Captrogers doing awesome Captrogers stuff :heartpulse:


Sure you know what I’ll leave it up to the community.

I’ll leave this poll till Monday morning and see what happens.

My worry with making it a list is it could be a long long time if your late on the list but I’m willing to manage it somehow


He is so awesome!

I don’t know if everybody realizes how much Cap’ does for the community. Dudes a genuine treasure and we are all so very lucky he is here.


Sure then throw me on the list somewhere if there’s room, I’d be interested to try it

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I don’t need to be on a list brother. I do appreciate it though. I know that keeping up with a list adds to your workload. I can watch and wait with the best of them. You clearly had it stated in your post. I just got so excited I skipped down and saw no one had posted so I jumped…and then scrolled back and said…oh…ok then…no big deal, we can fix this. :rofl: I’ll vote for no list just because I think you are providing enough by sharing your beautiful glass yo-yo with the community. It doesn’t seem like much to keep a list but I’ve seen others struggle with keeping it up to date and shuffling people who weren’t in a position to take it at the time…yada yada. We can all fight for our turn. Those are my feelings on it. Of course you may not see it as such a big deal. :wink::+1:


Ohh if it’s a list I’ll use something like google forms to make it easier. I won’t be managing nothin just observing lol

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Can’t wait!