Got glasses today. Wondering about yoyo damage risks.

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Just got some glasses in my early 30’s. I like them (even though they made me broke as a joke!) and they do seem to help for everything close range. I have been wearing them while I play but part of me is worried about a yoyo strike and lens damage. I know its possible, and i dont have to wear them all the time. Should I remove them like I do when I remove my wedding ring when I throw?

What do you think? What are your experiences?


In my 3 active years of yoyoing I’ve never been hit in or near the eye yet. I also don’t remember the last time I hit my head(it’s definitely happened before I just don’t remember so it wasn’t serious or anything).

If the glasses were worth a lot though I’d probably take them off while throwing just in case. Why not just get contacts though? That might be a stupid question, but oh well, idk anything about glasses or contacts :smiley:


Maybe you hit yourself in the head so hard you don’t remember it happening :wink:

Contacts are really expensive! (I think at least). Glasses are made out of a high resistant material of some sort I guess and should be able to take some hits. Wear them when you yoyo! Trust me, the medical bills to treat your eye are going to be way more than those glasses!


I’ve got glasses and there is really no problem.


Unless you bought your glasses at the dollar store they should not be a problem. Glasses today are highly resistant the breakage, including frames.


For future Eyewear purchases I recommend, quality glasses as cheap as 13.50 after shipping


I think if I had a choice between getting hit in the eye or getting hit in the glasses I’d pick glasses lol.

I don’t wear glasses (except for reading) but if I did I would just throw with them on.

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yea, i guess i only need my glasses fro reading, but since yoyo is close up stuff I figured they might help there too. Just a thought. Not worried, just curious if anyone has ever gashed their lenses or if is a mostly wasted thought. I know they can strike anywhere…

Also my glasses are warrented for a year and they are very nice quality. (jaguar brand frames with treated blu blocker lenses) so i should be good.

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Personally never scratched my glasses with a yoyo.


Like you have hit your glasses with a yoyo and haven’t scratched them? If so, that is awesome!

After getting smoked in the eye with my old dv888, I have been wearing my glasses more than before: 1 I don’t want to get hit in the eyes again, and 2 I’m to lazy to put my contacts in before I go to college classes each morning.

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do what you’re comfortable with. If you’re figuring out new tricks, I would take them off because that’s when you’re at the highest risk in the face region.

In my experience, you’re gonna find that your eyes are going to seem a LOT worse after taking your glasses off, mine are so bad that I have to wear glasses from the time I wake up. I keep a slightly older prescription around for when i do practice though because it throws me off so much. If you find that you really really feel you need glasses to throw, I would go to Lenscrafters or Vision for less and see what the cheapest specs you can get are.


Am I really the only one who has scratched a pair of glasses with a yoyo? It may just be my love of beaters and yoyos with horrendous gashes in them.


Never been hit in the eye. You’ll be fine.


Hit myself once. Had a snag and didn’t realize it, came back and hit my glasses which pushed the bridge onto my nose that ended up slicing my nose, still have a scar ;D but it’s only happened once in 20 years.

Have you ever hit yourself in the face? Or near where your glasses are? If not, or it’s only happened once you should be good!


I’m not trying to be rude but I just want to point out to those who have said something similar to “I never hit myself or only _ number of times.” It only takes once and you could have screwed up vision if any vision out of that eye at all.

To those who wear glasses and wonder if they should take them off while they yoyo, it’s WAY cheaper to replace a pair of glasses then go through the hassle of hitting yourself in the eye. I know from experience :wink:


…or maybe it was and that’s why you can’t remember?!? :wink:

I wear glasses most of the time and I’ve hit them with a throw a few times (i don’t always take a safety throw after a sketchy bind), but the lens didn’t shatter, no visible damage at all. The worst that’s ever happened to me is a small chip, but that was from debris flying off a power tool (yes, I should have been wearing proper safety goggles!)


Ok, so I have hit my self a number of times in the head/face with a yoyo… but I’ve also walked face first into an open door.

I haven’t smacked myself with a metal throw yet, but can confidently say that a plastic full force to the face will just knock glasses out of wack. They really are a lot more durable than you think, chances are the frames are more likely to break than the lens if you give them a beating.