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This is something I felt I should bring up.

A few years ago, I was yoyoing and preparing for a contest. It was going well, until I did a bind and had not realized that there was a knot inside the yoyo, I did a super strong power throw and the yoyo snagged, flew back towards me, and hit me right in the eye at a very high speed. Almost… I was wearing glasses, and the yoyo hit my glasses and actually broke the lenses right out of em. I was stunned, nose a bit sore from my glasses being hit, but my eyes were fine, just switched to my back up glasses and kept going.

It makes me wonder if its actually good for yoyoers to wear glasses? Eye injury can be a very dangerous thing, and we always gotta be looking out for our eyes. And although it would be silly to wear glasses for the sole purpose of eye protection, if you have em, I would say keep em.

For me, contact lenses were a possibility, and it would have been very easy for me to make the switch, but I remembered that day and what really saved me, and I decided to stick with the glasses.

There have been a couple other times where I got hit in the glasses. None as hard as that one time, but quite often something will happen that makes me glad that I wear them.

Ill just say, if you wear glasses and you yoyo, good on you, and you know, maybe some might think hm maybe Ill buy fake glasses to wear, hay, if thats what you want to do, go for it, its the hipster thing to do anyways.

Just saying, if not for glasses, this could have been bad:

Just sayin



I wear glasses because for me, it’s safer. Well, plus I’m a wuss when it comes to having stuff in and around my eyes. The idea of contacts is very off-putting, so for me it’s simply not an option to explore or even consider.

Is it good for yoyo’ers to wear glasses? Well, if you need corrective lenses, then by all means yes. But why go with glasses per say? how about simply safety lenses, safety lenses or eye shields?

Here’s some pros:
No nasty black eyes. Your nose, sorry, but hey, it is what it is.

Here’s some cons:
The glare from some lenses may be annoying. Polarized lenses can greatly reduce this. I wonder if Mickey(Hiroyuki Suzuki) has sensitive eyes or dislikes the glare of lights, which may be why he wears the sunglasses all the time. Then again, he may be doing it for style, which is most likely the case. I don’t know what lighting tends to be like at yoyo contests so I won’t comment further.

But, since we’re talking safety gear, where do we start? I typically get sore fingertips from the yoyo popping me on returns. So, throw hand gloves for me, right? Or what about people who get hit in the head? Maybe an old football-type leather helmet or an WWII pilot helmet?

You bring up the point that there is a danger in yoyo. A plastic yoyo or metal can do significant damage, especially in the hands of a skilled thrower with a lot of power. A string breaking can easily send a yoyo flying and it can be moving at a sufficient enough clip to cause some damage to pets, people and property, especially if it’s a full metal yoyo.

Plus, bad binds are going to happen, even to the best of us(me, sometimes quite often!). That’s usually when stuff goes bad fast like what you’re saying and the video shows.

What you say has merit. Plus, often, safety glasses can be comfortable, glare-free ad stylish and not terribly expensive. In addition, they make safety glasses that can fit over regular glasses as well. With prices starting around $4 and topping out at “whatever insane amount you want to spend”, an under $20 investment can get you a decent set that will last a good long while, and can protect your eyes. Or you can get an old school hockey mask for full face protection!(Hey, worked for Michael Meyers, but I don’t think yoyo was his thing)

I almost got popped in the face today after doing a bad bind on my Beysick. Or rather, I think I was coming out of a trapeze, reversing it to bind it back and it started to come back before I was ready for it. Either way, a near miss.

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I’d be the candidate for the helmet. This is the second time this has happened. The first time needed stitches, this one only needed glue:


Daaaaayyyyuuuummmm* dude! I took one look at that and and thought of one word.* Nice fake though.

But here’s a NYYR glasses story: We used to have a really nice Foose-ball table. A lot of people would come to our house (for parties/events) and want to play with it. So after a few games, I got bored and decided to throw in a bouncy ball, just about the size of the actual ball. So some guy and I start wacking that around. It flew off the table more than once and we kept laughing.
So the guy I’m playing spots this old pair of child sun-glasses and puts them on. Not two seconds later, I got the perfect hit on the ball. It then proceeds to fly through the air and hit, and pop out, one of the lenses in my opponents’ child-sized sun-glasses.
He quit.


Best thing is to just be careful… Good advice for beginners, good reminder for veterans


But what if the lenses shattered and tiny shards of glass went into ur eye? Downside to glasses huh?

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Who has glass lenses anymore? Now they are mostly shatter proof material you know.


Almost nobody wears glasses made of glass anymore. Most are polycarbonate(hey, don’t they make yoyos out of that stuff?) and most are shatterproof just by nature. It’s also more durable, lighter, a bit easier to work(yes, they still grind and polish the lenses) and tend to be more scratch resistant than glass.


Oh sorry I have better than perfect vision so I wouldn’t know…


Oh well then aren’t you special (sarcasm face), just kidding, but on a serious note that is called astronaut vision, because they want astronauts to have better than 20-20 vision, I guess that you can sumise that I wear glasses, hehe.


haha yup … i hit my glasses a bunch of times… the same way you did Jayyo… and similar to the video …

glasses rule… but yea they are not actual glasses


Yeah, I have glasses, and I hit myself really hard in the eye the other day, luckily I wasn’t hurt at all, because my glasses protected me. So glad I have some.

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What’s this supposed to mean?




I think he means he likes fake over real.

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I’m pretty sure it’s regarding my picture.


Laser eye surgery is accepted for pilots and astronauts now days too.

… and on another sidenote, how awesome would it be to yoyo in zero gravity? It should be possible because centrifugal force is still present in zero gravity. I wonder if its been done before?

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That’s sweet. 4:12- shooting the moon in space. That is awesome.


Interesting stuff really… I wonder if it would still come Back with an unresponsive trow, without binding … N would love to see offstring in space lol