Bye Bye Yeti

Welp. A company bought my yeti.
Now here is the thing.
They are a specialty glass company. I do not know if they bought it because it is glass infused or the company who bought hs someone there who likes to yoyo but They wanted it.
They migh put it on display as what injected pc feels like.
They might drill holes in it and test it. :’(
Someone there might use it???
I was yoyoing in my front yard and a man passes by. He asks if my yoyo is a duncan. I say not. I tell him it is glass infused pc. He gives me his card and tells me to call him later. So I do and…

How much did he buy it from you for, if you don’t mind me asking?

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What are the odds!!! Lol

??? Why did you sell your yeti to them? Did they really ask that much for the Yoyo you had?

i believe his pops said he had too many so he had to take the first offer that came along or something.

Sigh, my parents don’t really care how much I spend on yoyos, but I seem to get screaming deals most of the time… $50 puffin, $60 format C, $30 Gnarwal2…

Why sell a yoyo you really don’t want to sell?

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^^^It really doesn’t matter as long as we all have awesome deals to fall back on like this one:


He’s in good luck then! Carry on…

… the power of hype!  :-X

^^^ More like the power of scalping jerks!!!

Everyone should message him through Ebay and tell him what an outstanding person he is!

Gotta love his lie of a story he made up too! :smiley:

You really have a hate for scalpers huh?

Just ignore them :stuck_out_tongue: It’s easier. Nothing you can do about it really.

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Your right…I could really care a less since I got my first yeti 2 years ago. It’s just the principle of what they’re doing that seriously chaps one’s rear end…but if your all for it…help yourself and make the purchase!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

CLYW’s last run of these yoyo’s and very hard to get. Great for any yoyo collection. My son’s all time favorite CLYW yoyo. Any questions please feel free to email me. I ship the day after payment priority mail so you should get it nice and speedy!

^^^ Not the last run…up to 200 more are coming

Exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

If I’m not mistaken, its against forum rules to have a my little pony as a signature… But then again who read the rules anyways. Lol

$30 gnarwal2!!! Who did you buy itfrom

I made sure he knew how much I bought it before he offered me. He did pay me more than $50

So why pout on the forums if you got the money you wanted?