Can Anyone buy Me a Yeti?

Ok so I have a bit of a problem I will be gone on a missions trip all of next week and I feel like as soon as I leave thats when the Yetis will drop.

So I was wondering if there is anyone that wouldn’t mind ordering me a Yeti if they do release while I’m gone. And then I can pay you back Via Pay pal

Don’t you have a family member that can do it for you?

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Que face of ignorance :o

I have your back. But, only if I can get to them while they’re still in stock.

You’re such a good person :slight_smile:

Same situation for me, except I don’t have any money ::slight_smile:
JK. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I can’t really trust my mom to check yoyoexpert everyday

Thanks TA will if your able to snag an Extra one when they release I’l just PM you my Address and send you paypal money when I get back

Are they supposed to release very soon?

I emailed CLYW today and asked when they will drop more Yetis and they said “Hopefully by the end of the summer.”

No problem Erik, I’ll do my best! :slight_smile: Any color preferences?

I think I’ll go with blue.

I’m just hoping that they won’t release while I’m gone but it doesn’t hurt to have a back up plan

I can hand dye them if any one wants? I don’t need money so If some one buys me a grey one i can dye a few of there’s as a trade? TA? They would have to be light grey and you could pm me your color preference?

Can you post some pics I wanna see how this looks

I can post a link to a pic? :wink:

Woah… have you done any lime/green ones?

Same. I need to know green is my favorite.

Also does it affect the play of the yoyo at all. I can’t imagine it would but I’m curious

It Doesnt affect play and yes, i could do a lime green one if you’d be up for an extra yeti as a deal? I guess i can do 4 throws per yeti I am traded? If some one only wants to get 2 dyed the next person to hit me up will get the 2 throws free? Shipping would have to be paid by you guys though ;D

WAit wait wait. So if I send you one I’ll get two more free? :o

OOPSS I meant two throws dyed free :smiley: you have to provide me with throws to dye, also i can do delrin throws

Can you do an Yoyofactory regen?