Goodbye SPYY

I would love some feedback on this I put a lot of work into it and would love to see what you think


Nice man! :slight_smile: How long have you been throwing? Also, where’d you get those plastic containers? They look like the same ones RecRevs come in. Are they, or did you get them somewhere else? Just out of curiosity.

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Good job

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I have no idea what that style is with the string on the beltloop, but that was neat.

Goodbye, SPYY! :frowning:


Great Video Brandon !! It was good to see you again ! You are hands down the coolest person I ever met at a World’s Contest.It was my pleasure to meet you. And Sunny was also fantastic who else ya ever met does Parkour Yoing! Sunny and you were such a pleasure to talk with.You have a lot to offer Brandon. Keep up that great demeanor of your’s my friend. I plan on keeping in touch with you Brando I hope that’s ok ? Hope all is well .I am sure it is you have nothing but good karma in your bright future. Best Regards.James

Greg he invented that . Brandon has a string tied to a belt loop and he grabs it and does all kinds of tricks with it ! Pretty innovative huh! The Kid is first class. I wish he lived closer. Hope your times were fun at the camp in Vermont man . I am thinking what happens at the camp stays at the camp !! P.S. It was nice meeting you man . I love how many cool people we are lucky enough to meet in this sport . And you driving for so long to come to Dogbite ! Glad you made the trip man . Maybe the Yo has special magnetic properties for coolness and all things cool are attracted to it .And all things not so are naturally repelled !!!

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Yes, a cool style indeed. Camp was great, and I shall say no more, say no more. :wink:

My love for SPYY endures… I am now the owner of an RSL, and it’s a beaut.

Great meeting you, too, Mr. Eli! I’m quite positive that we shall meet again. Surrounded by all the cool people who throw, of course!

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Greg I have only one word for ya mate… AYE…

Of course that is ok I haven’t been on here in a while, but I am still working on the double string and will be using it for the first time in a competition in Illinois states. When is MA states by the way maybe I can convince my parents to take me to that.

That was a really cool video, it’s sad to see such a great company go.